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{arttablesorter filter="true" stripeRowsOnStartUp="true" theme="blue" class="table sorter"}{artsqltable attributes="class=tablesorter" query="SELECT jos_bap_participant.first_name, jos_bap_participant.last_name, COUNT( ) AS cnt, IF( COUNT( ) >400, 'Master Breeder IV', IF( COUNT( ) >300, 'Master Breeder III', IF( COUNT( ) >200, 'Master Breeder II', IF( COUNT( ) >100, 'Master Breeder', IF( COUNT( ) >50, 'Expert Breeder', IF( COUNT( ) >25, 'Advanced Breeder', IF( COUNT( ) >10, 'Breeder', 'Novice' ) ) ) ) ) ) ) AS Level FROM jos_spawns JOIN jos_bap_participant ON = s_breeder GROUP BY s_breeder ORDER BY cnt DESC " headerNames="First N Name, Last Name, Level, Number of Spawns" headers=" first_name,last_name, Level, cnt"}{/artsqltable}{/arttablesorter}