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I would like to invite you to speak to the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, the largest cichlid club in the US.
We take very good care of our speakers . . .
  • GCCA will arrange and pay for airfare to/from Chicago and provide airport transfers
  • For speakers traveling by car, GCCA will reimburse you $.54 per mile up to $300
  • GCCA will pay for one night lodging (two if needed for speakers coming from the west coast or very far away)
  • GCCA will offer a $50 honorarium
  • GCCA will offer $50 to cover meals during travel

We typically fly speakers in on Sunday mornings and back out on Monday mornings.

Would you please advise your availability for one of the following dates?
Sunday, November 11, 2019
Sunday, March 8, 2020
Sunday, April 12, 2020
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Sunday, July 12, 2020
Sunday, October 11, 2020
Sunday, November 8, 2020
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Rick Borstein
GCCA Speaker Chairman


Speaker  Christine Neumeyer
 Topic A Journey Downriver: From the Amazon to Your Aquarium
 Bio Christine Neumeyer is a co-owner of Freshwater Exotics, a company which imports wild caught South American fish.
Freshwater Exotics is dedicated to supplying the U.S. market with wild caught fish. A strong belief in supporting the wild caught ornamental fish industry has taken Christine on a lifelong journey of discovery and continuing education.
By sharing her journey and business endeavors with hobbyists, breeders and enthusiasts, she hopes to enlighten hobbyists as to why wild Amazon fish are not only sustainable, but how this industry supports the environment and economy in the Amazon.
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Talk Description This informative and eye-opening lecture will include captivating footage and photos accompanied by a firsthand narrative of what we experienced during our month spent in the state of Para and Amazonas, Brazil in November of 2018.
Our ambition in sharing this experience is to acquaint you with how the supply chain functions and to allow you to gain insight into this little-known aspect of the wild caught ornamental fish industry.
  • Glimpse firsthand how wild ornamental fish are collected
  • Discover what happens between the time they are collected & transported downriver
  • Join the fish on their journey downriver to the export facilities
  • Tour export facilities and gain insight as to how ornamental fish are cared for and treated before being shipped to the U.S.


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Speaker   Dean Tweeddale
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Speaker   Gabe Posada  
 Topic  Success with Discus  
 Bio  Nearly 60 years ago Jack Wattley had a dream, he went to the Amazon and brought back wild caught discus from different parts of the Amazon which he personally collected and brought back to Florida (USA) His goal was to raise them in captivity. He started cross breeding discus and developed different color morphs. Till this day he is known as the creator of blue turquoise, better known as the Wattley Turquoise among others.

In 1991, Gabriel Posada met and purchased Red Panda’s from Wattley, a year later those 6 discus turned into 3 breeding pairs. 2 years after the purchase Jack had a mishap with a Raccoon getting into the fish room and killing his last breeding pair of Red Pandas. Wattley kept records of the fish he sold and tried to reach out to several of his customers who had purchased this strain.

One of the only local people who had purchased this strain from him was Gabe Posada. Once he contacted him to attempt to buy back the fish in order to reproduce them again, he received the surprise of his life, Posada had managed to breed the strain and already had another 15 breeding pairs from the offspring which he raised. It was then that Wattley saw the opportunity to get help with his breeding program and exactly 23 years ago the partnership between Gabe Posada and Jack Wattley was forged. Soon after Jack discovered Gabriel’s passion for the discus and tested his knowledge constantly.

Gabe used the implementation of his previous career which was engineering, to create his own water filtration systems and other tools. They started a partnership that has improved and developed over the years, and today, Posada still follows and respects the Wattley method enriched by his own contributions. Gabe Posada, “Operations Manager” of Jack Wattley Discus.
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Speaker   Greg Steeves
 Topic  Vics?
 Bio Known as "Gas" (his initials) to many of his friends, his real name is Greg Steeves and he is from New Brunswick, Canada. Being from the maritimes, along the Canadian Atlantic coast, Greg never was far from water. Ever since he can remember the ecology of both saline and freshwater environments always held great interest to him. Greg have kept multiple aquaria since an early age starting out with both tropical and native species. Greg have gone through many phases in the aquatic hobby before discovering the magical family Cichlidae. Cichlid behaviour, adaptiviness, and reproduction continues to fascinate him. Some years ago Greg became involved with the cichlids of Lake Victoria. Understanding the perils these fish faced served to bring his interest in these fish to a full fledged compulsion. He has been most fortunate to be involved with some knowlegable people, experts in their fields, that have given him guideance and taught him much. It is Greg goal to ensure that there are Lake Victoria cichlids in the hobby for his grandchildren to someday enjoy.
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