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GCCA uses an online auction service to manage our auctions. 

Sellers must register the fish they want to sell online. 

The system allows you to print labels for your bags on either Avery 5160 or Avery 8164 labels. You can print these on plain paper and tape them onto your bags. Each bag of fish you bring will be assigned a Lot Number by the system.

When you enter your fish, you can optionally upload a picture. The picture will be projected on-screen during the auction and help boost the price of your fish.

Want a printable version of this guide? Click the link below.

How Register Fish to sell at the auction

Follow the instructions below. Although it looks like a lot of steps, it is really simple! If you need help, email the webmaster.

  1. Visit

  2. Click the Register Me button.
    000 register me start

  3. Enter your information including your address.
    Be sure to fill in your email address correctly, as it is your ID for log-in, and enter a password. Make note of your password!
    Hit the Save button.
    001 enter reg info2

  4. On the next screen, click the Join a Group button. 
    002 join a group
  5. Choose Greater Chicago Cichlid Association from the list and click Save.
    002a join group select

  6. Click the Proceed to Home Page link

  7. Click the Add Auction Items button to begin adding in your sales items. 
    Add Items

  8. Click  the Add new Item button
    03 add item

  9. Enter a description of your fish and click the Save button
    04 enter fish

  10.  Next, you can add a picture in JPEG or PNG format. Click the Browse button to locate a picture to upload.

    NOTE: Images larger than 1024 X 768 are not accepted and will result in an error.

    05 browse button for pic

  11.  Choose a file from your computer (not shown) and then click the Upload button.
    05a upload image 1

    Note: You may add a second image if you like. Click the Browse button to add another.

  12. Click the Save button to complete the sales item.
    06 save listing
    NOTE: Although the system allows you to enter a minimum bid, GCCA does not enforce this when selling your item.

  13. To add another item, click the New button and repeat steps 9 to 12.

Print out labels for your bags

  1. Click the Home button or go to and log in.

  2. Click the Add New Item button
    07 add new item btn

  3. Click a link for Avery 8164 or Avery 5160 
    08 print labels

  4. The file will downloaded a PDF for printing. Depending on which browser you use, it may display directly in your browser window or you can print it using Adobe Reader.

    Avery 5160 Labels are basic label
    09 Avery 5160 sample

    Avery 8164 Labels include a picture
    010 Avery 8164 example 2

  5. Print out the labels on plain paper (or use self-stick labels from Avery) and tape over them with clear packing tape.

Find out how Fish Sold

You can print out a list of your fish for sale (before the auction) or a report of how your fish sold (after the auction).

  1. Click the Home button or go to and log in.

  2. Click the Printer button
    011 print label button

  3. Select Seller Detail Report and click OK
    012 seller detail report 2