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Breed fish and earn points towards awards

The Kid's Breeder's Award Program (KBAP) was established to encourage children in the tropical fish hobby. Members kids under the age of 13 may participate.

Unlike GCCA's regular BAP program, any species of fish may be turned in.

The KBAP objectives are:

  1. To learn to breed tropical fish;
  2. To accumulate points at each level, as outlined below, and receive a plaque commemorating the achievement;
  3. To successfully transition to the regular GCCA BAP Program.

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BAP Point Levels

Award Level Description Points Total Points


Five spawnings, raised per rules below.


5 Points


Five additional spawnings, raised per rules below.

Additional 5 Points

10 Points


Ten additional spawnings, raised per rules below.

Additional 10 Points

20 Points

35 Points

Breeders Award Program Rules

  1. Participation in the KBAP is for children of family members under the age of 13 at the time the spawn was submitted.
  2. Spawn and raise at least 5 fry from any fish species to 60 days of age from the date of their becoming free swimming.
  3. Fry must be from child's personal fish, not fish on loan from and still owned by another person.
  4. Fish may be maintained in the aquarium of an adult member family member of GCCA as long as the child is primarily involved in the care of the fish.
  5. Credit will be given for spawning any species of fish only once and will not be given for spawning different color varieties of a species.
  6. Spawning details must be recorded on a standard GCCA BAP "Breeder's Report" and must be turned in to the BAP Chairman before credit can be given. The child must complete the report. Adult help allowed.
  7. Five fry, properly bagged, must be donated to the GCCA mini-auction for each spawn. A member may choose up to two spawns during each calendar year when a donation will not be required.
  8. Only children of members in good standing, as defined by the Constitution, may enter and remain in the KBAP.
  9. Cichlids spawned as part of the KBAP program also count towards GCCA's regular BAP program.

Downloadable BAP Forms

BAP Form
icon BAP Form (32.54 kB)


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