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Easy Mbuna for 55 gallon tank

12 years 4 months ago #9850 by dragonkeeper
If you are going with a species only tank your choices are wide open. A 55 gal gives quite a bit of room for a large group of mbuna.

You could go with a large group of Pseudotropheus demansoni. They are fairly aggressive to their own kind but with a large group like one you could put in a 55 the colony should get along just fine. You could also add a colony of Yellow labs as a color contrast. These 2 species look great in a tank together and get along famously.


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12 years 4 months ago #9845 by Sal
          I have had community 75 gallon platy-swordtail community tank for yrs . I wanted to set up a second tank 55 gallons for Mbuna.

When I say easy what I mean is not killers and not complicated. My regime is weekly water changes 1/4 tank volume my water is naturally high in ph as I am in Florida.

I was looking at yellow labs but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I prefer just one type of fish not mixed community.

I know lots of Mbuna type cichlids of which I know only 3 or 4 types any suggestions I will research them .


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