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New tank ?'s

10 years 2 months ago #26289 by whetfish
Replied by whetfish on topic New tank ?'s
Sand, pick whichever sand you like best, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly.  I use pool filter sand, it very low cost and pretty easy to rinse off.

Stacking rocks 15" high...I'd recommend getting egg crate (light defusers) to put under the rock. Why not use bigger rocks?  It'll be more stable and you'll be able to get up higher.

All you need is dechlorinator when you do a water change(for Malawian).  Assuming you're getting Chicago water, not well water.

Filter size is dependent on your bioload(fish population) not your tank size.  So how many Malawian fish are you looking to keep.

Not checked for facts.

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10 years 2 months ago #26288 by Steve
New tank ?'s was created by Steve
I am setting up a 75g tank with Malawian c's and have a few questions -appreciate any help that can be given.

I want to use a sand substrate - is silica sand or play sand best ?
Also, was planning on using a rounded smoother rock but worried about stacking these 15" high without sealing together...any suggestions?
How much additional maintenance and adding chemicals is there by not using Holey rock or the special Cichlid substrate to help buffer the tank?

Loads of other questions, but the pet store said a Fluval 405 would be enough filtration and most everywhere I read it says more is needed. If so, would adding a good internal filter be enough? Thanks!!!

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