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ACA 2014 Louisville

6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #35133 by madeto
ACA 2014 Louisville was created by madeto
Annual ACA Convention was last week in Louisville Kentucky. We had a great time, and I think represented GCCA in a best way.
Here is a few pictures for all of you that couldn't make it:

Visit to Rusty's fish house ( and I mean house )

Even the toilet had a fish in it:

Chicago gang:

BITCHES auction on Friday night ( you have to see this during your lifetime ):

Pleco feeder:

Feeding on Mario:

Those are Garra rufa - those little fish from Turkey that they use in spas. I only put my hand in there, but you should see what other were sticking in that tank................

Saturday night banquet:

GCCA members presenting 2 checks donation to Chuck Rambo from ACA.
$500 each for Guy Jordan and Paul Loselle founds:

Mario and Scot Myers.
Together they won combining 17 first places in different divisions ( Mario won one for Caquetaia myersi ) Scot won 16.

Saying final good buy to Ray "Kingfish" Lucas. According to Ray, this is his final ACA, but nobody believes it. So we will see next year in Boston for ACA 2015

So I say to her……There is plenty of stuff at the house for the baby to eat!!!! I REALLY need this fish……
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