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Apistogramma cacauoitides compatibility

7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #33155 by scubadiver
A lot of things could have happened the apisto could brought the disease in the tank.

Lot's of time you don't see aggression.

But I would say a non breeding Apisto Cacauoitodes is a relatively mild mannered fish.

Now you could end up with a real mean Apisto or a mean gourami but they should be ok

A 12 gallon tank is a small tank

I would say give it try

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7 years 6 months ago #33154 by henry
Added a Cockatoo Cichlid (apistogramma Cacauoitodes) to my 12 gal tank two weeks ago. Tank also contained a healthy year old Honey Gourami and two 4 month old Black Phantom Tetras. All seemed fine until the Gourami suddenly developed what I think was Dropsy and died. I read that Dropsy could be caused by stress. I only saw the cichlid nudge the gourami once or twice, no real aggression but I don't know if more aggression happened during the nights. My question is: before I buy another Honey Gourami, is this type of cichlid compatible with it? Thank you.

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