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Kegger let me know something interesting . . .

11 years 1 day ago #21890 by Kegger22
actually it's 1 male with 2 older females and 4 and possibly a 5th younger females that look to be just about ready to breed, what I have noticed this last spawn was that an older female spawned and was holding and whenever she wanted to hide and be left alone the other older female and the younger ones were either attempting to chase her to either steal the eggs from her or just harrass  her knowing she was holding and most likely would not fight back and when the male spotted this he would chase away all attempting anything from around her so she could be peaceful, want to see if this happens again since the other older female should be ready to spawn soon and then will be watching a lot closer if one of the younger females spawns to see if the male attempts to protect the younger females also

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11 years 3 days ago #21851 by forumadmin
Was talking to Kegger at the meeting last night, who shared the following:

Kegz has a large group of Red Cap Lethrinops, including some younger females, older females, and several males.

He told me that his dominant male defended holding females from other males.

Interesting . . .

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