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Introduce Yourself!

12 years 8 months ago #368 by Vegasdays101
Replied by Vegasdays101 on topic Introduce Yourself!
  My name is Nate, I live just outside of Champaign Illinois.  I am married and have a boy and a girl.
I got into fish about 3.5 years ago when I got a 10 gallon setup with guppies for my daughter. Until that point I thought keeping fish was dumb. The guppies bred, as guppies do, and I got another tank.

Cichlids were very far from something I wanted to keep because they were "mean fish" so I was told. Come to find out they were just misunderstood.

  So now the tanks have come and gone and coming again, I have a 125 in the living room, a 55, 40, 30x2, 20x2, 10x3, a 10 that I siliconed glass in the middle to split it for newly stripped fry.

Strange how you get hooked.


Don't stick that in the fish tank!

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12 years 8 months ago #366 by DavesRareFish
Replied by DavesRareFish on topic Introduce Yourself!
I'm Dave Schumacher.  I live in San Antonio, TX, and I have a fish store there called Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish.  I've worked in fish stores since I was 16, and a couple years ago, I decided to buy what was left of Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish so that I could finally do things the way I thought they should be done!  While this is a business for me now, that aspect still seems to be secondary to the hobbyist in me.  I find myself constantly buying the fish that I like rather than what I can sell! ;D

I had the pleasure of meeting some of you at the ACA convention in Chicago, and I really enjoyed your club, so when Sam told me about the new forum, I had to join!  I look forward to getting to know everyone else here.

Dave Schumacher
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12 years 8 months ago - 12 years 8 months ago #365 by Nuchal Man
Replied by Nuchal Man on topic Introduce Yourself!
I'm Sam, I've been in the hobby and the GCCA for 10 years. I was always into fish because my dad had about 20 tanks. My first fish were platies I got from my dad when I was 6, and then I branched out into cichlids. The first cichlid I kept and bred were Neolamp. multifasciatus, a fish I still think is awesome.

I've got 10 tanks including 110, 75, 2X 58, 10, 2X 5, and 3X 3. I've kept all types of cichlids, and most of the ones I've spawned have been old world rift lake cichlids, but I prefer keeping New world fish and W. Africans due to their parental care and behavior. I also maintain a web site, which contains species profiles of the fish I've worked with, links, a stock list, and articles I've written.

I think this forum is a great way for the local fish community to get together, and from the looks, it is only going to get better.

Sam Borstein
Nuchal Man
GCCA Forum Admin

I have a confession. I'm a cichlaholic.
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12 years 8 months ago #362 by rm-slover
Replied by rm-slover on topic Introduce Yourself!
I'm Ray

like most aquarists it all started with a betta. i took home a betta from a fraternity brothers wedding and so did my wife. it was in a vase, then a larger vase, then into a 5 gallon tank, which was bought for the betta but was soon stocked with neons and black phantoms. list the neons to ich, black phantoms to NTS, (cycle what?).

fast forward a about 1.5 years i slowly got more tanks and more fish and still never under stood why i cant keep tetras alive but eventually had 22 tanks running in the basement of my dads house. most of the tanks were because i had spawns of Bristlenose and Demasoni. I had to shut down that project becasue i was getting married and relocating. sold most of the fish, traded some of the tanks sold the live plants, and some of the tanks are sitting empty now.

so i relocated to the apartment saying we'll only have 3 tanks. one 55 in the Living room, a 55 in our bedroom, and a 33 long in the computer room. then we needed a place to keep HER guppies. so that allowed me to get 2 15 gallon tanks and a double stand. i had 20 longs at home and Ric Perez was kind enought to give me a double stand for those because i had an empty space between the computer desk and the TV in the second bedroom. then i noticed there was an empty space between the 33 and the book case which fits a 10 an a 15 tall on a double stand nicely. and her 5 gallon guppy tank is still holding guppies because i ahd to replace the 33 long.  so we are currently at 10 tanks, in a 2 bedroom apartment.

i really love tangs and would prefer to keep mainly tangs, but because of the limited space i keep fish i like. i have tangs, south american dwarves (apisto cacatoides, and m. altispinosa) and Malawians, demasoni, and bi-color 500's.

about the original betta, i killed it, not on purpose, but i kill all my bettas, so i quit trying.

my wife's betta from the wedding...lasted longer than the marriage.

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12 years 8 months ago #350 by dragonkeeper
Replied by dragonkeeper on topic Introduce Yourself!

My name is Shawn and I'm an addict.

I haven't been in the hobby very long, little over a year. Still a little wet behind the ears..... ::) Girlfriend started me on a 55 loaded with peacocks from Rick Boester. It has blown up into about a dozen tanks. I keep mostly Malawian. I will probably expand a little once I get a bigger fishroom.

Besides the loads of fish i have my project supervisor (riley). My Girlfriend also has a small dog and 4 count them 4 cats.

~Retired President~

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12 years 8 months ago #349 by misplacedsooner
Replied by misplacedsooner on topic Introduce Yourself!
okay chris,
my name is mike crowley, im all the way down in oklahoma. originally from michigan but been here a good while. im 46 with a wife and 2 boys ages 19 amd 16, 2 siberian huskies, 2 siamese cats and a bunch of fish. i started out alot like chris with the swords and guppies when i was little. about 10 years ago i got into cichlids, at first i had no idea how to keep them so i kept africans and centrals and natives all togather in small tanks. as my centrals started packing on size i began to like them better so i gave my africans away. a couple of years ago i started to accumulate several tanks of 29-55. then 2 years ago i got a 125 from a friend and decided to get on the net cause my lfs closed down and i had no one to talk fish with. i found a state club and joined and then found different forums to learn from, met alot of very good fishkeepers and picked their brain constantly and the more i learned the more i wanted to learn.i feel i have a good circle of friends now and learn something new everyday and try to share what i know with new people. there are a few here that i talk to regularly and the rest of you im sure we will conversate soon. glad to be here.

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12 years 8 months ago #347 by nuth88
Introduce Yourself! was created by nuth88
Ill start this thread off!


I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself:

My name is Chris Karnuth, I’m almost 40 (39) live in Grayslake, Illinois, Raised in Glenview,  have 1 wild caught wife, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 dogs, yadda, yadda, yadda.....

I have been keeping cichlids for 25 years or more (LOL!) I am very glad to now see many names that are familiar to me. I started out when I was 8 with mollies, guppies and swordtails, but I don't really count that as I was not really in charge of the tank, I really got the bug when I was about 14, started out with the usual, Oscar, JD, Cons and Texas. I had 6 tanks that I thought were big at the time (55,55,38,30,29, and a 10) I gravitated to Africans (Old World) for about 10 years or so, and really liked them and esp. tangs.....I ended up back with New Worlds about a year and a half ago and now I have 8 tanks, and hope to consolidate a ill more.......I have a 220 (Ca/Sa Agressive Community) a 150 (Ca/Sa Mild Agressive Community) a 75 (Sajica, Synps, a Port, hopefully some T.aureum from Rick!) a 55 (Dwarf Crenicichla Regani) a 38 (Empty), a 30 (Empty), a 20L (Pair Cutteri) and a 10 (Fry Tank).

Some of you may know me from other boards, out of respect I will not name them, but you know where you have seen me.....I hope to be a knowledgeable addition to the site, learn some stuff,  and maybe have a laugh or 2....

Chris Karnuth
Site Administrator
Greater Chicago Cichlid Association Forum

"I guess that's the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself."

(The Stranger - 6/1998)

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