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swap results?

11 years 4 months ago - 11 years 4 months ago #19274 by klassichobbies
swap results? was created by klassichobbies
What did everyone get? how was selling?

i got...
-5 pheno tanzania
-5 xmas fulus
-3 tangerine peacocks
-4 blue regal peacocks
-5 calico plecos
-male demansoni (my friend got the female)
-3 bags of angelfish, so about 15 total

I did pretty well for selling. sold the fish i thought wouldnt sell and now im stuck with ones that i thought would sell. how about everyone else?


Do you have a dog?
Um, a bird?
-OH, I've got alot of those!!!

Klassic Hobbie's Stock List:
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