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How does everyone deal with humidity in the fishroom

4 years 7 months ago #36180 by mikeg2929
An air exchanger is a great tool. I used one at my old fish room before I moved. Installation was pretty simple, but I did need to cut two holes in the outerwall of my house.

It pulled out moisture that drained into my sump pit - so maintenance was easy. Mine had a humidity setting and would only turn on when it reached that point. It sucked the stale / moist air from the fish room and exhausted it on the other side of the basement making the whole basement much more comfortable.

At the time I was running 8 150's, 8 75's and 20 20's.

I have seen too many situations where humidity caused damage or mold - it wont happen where you can see it - but if you have a fish room humidity problem, you may want to check your attic or crawlspace for mold.

I moved in 2007 (2008?) and did not set it up in the new house. Instead, I used green board on the walls and ceilings, installed an insulated door and also installed a bathroom exhaust fan on a timer. It ran 12 hours ever night of the year.

Start with easy things - tight fitting lids. All of my tanks had tight lids with minimal openings.

If you can set up a dedicated room and close it off, it is a lot easier to control.

The small heat exchanger units that Jehmco used to sell are discontinued. I would still reach out to him for suggestions. They are a pretty simple mechanism and really shouldnt break. When i listed mine, it sold in an hour.

Dehumidifiers are very expensive to run. If you have a whole house humidifier on your furnace, and a ton of tanks, you may not need to run the humidifier if you are leaking humidity from the tanks.

Get it under control. Your windows may get destroyed and you may get some nasty mold (try selling a house with that shit) if you dont.

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4 years 7 months ago #36179 by scubadiver
Hmm I am suppose to have my super ineffecient furnace replaced this friday now I am getting nervous since I have zero humidity issues currently.

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4 years 7 months ago #36178 by keltonsports
I have just 6 tanks now. Not all lids are tight fit either. I have 2 dehumidifiers running in my unfinished basement. They are both set to 45% humidity. But I still have massive amounts of moisture on my windows too.... I am also interested in what people have to say about their fish room.

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4 years 7 months ago #36175 by chefjimmy
What does everyone do to keep humidity down in their fishroom. Who has an air exchanger, how much was it, and where did you get it. Will an air exchanger solve my humidity problems.

I have 45 tanks, not all lids are tight fitting, a dehumidifier, a couple fans, a couple space heaters, and every winter, my windows get condensation that is out of control. I just turned my dehumidifier down, but feel it will only run up the electric bill.


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