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29g Biocube

9 years 4 months ago #29473 by Mbamba
Replied by Mbamba on topic 29g Biocube
I have one, i like it a lot, some times people have problems with the silicone leaking into the sump in back, but its easily fixable. Also have seen ppl have problems with hoods but thats every once in a while when a fan doesn't work. Its a really nice tank, but again expensive. I would buy the tank at petsmart, and the stand at petco. If your going to buy it new. If your going to use it for Saltwater it is well worth it, i have trouble seeing the price for it being good for freshwater. But its a nice clean looking tank. Im sure your going to get the old model versus the new HQI. Ive had my cube for over a year now, been using it as fresh water until i make it a sea horse tank, but i got the tank and stand for $200 on craig list and everything was only 3 months old.

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9 years 4 months ago #29423 by redzebra24
29g Biocube was created by redzebra24
I have been looking around lately for a smaller set up for my dorm room. I was just wondering if anyone has either of the bio cubes?

There are several reasons why they appeal to me such as everything is built in, since the filter is submerged it should be silent, and the cover has no holes for any smells.

One real reason why I am slightly pushed away, price is high compared to the amount of gallons.

So does anyone own one? What can you tell me about it, good or bad.


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