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October 7th GCCA Vendor tables

3 years 3 months ago #37689 by Matt
Vendor Table assignment for October 7th GCCA Swap
You mat see a new number on some vendors . We are trying out the Hotels atrium area by the fountain area . I ask all vendors to come earlier to set up . The October swap is slod out and you will need more time to get to your tables ...

First Name Last Name Table #
Sair Ali F13 F14
John Antolak B1 B2 C1 C2
Dan Barmore D11
Jesse Bebow D9 D10
Christopher Benes G17 G16
Thomas Berger A15 A16
Brantley Berry G6 G7
Mohammed Bilaluddin G9
Randy Blaszczyk G20 G21
Rick & Monica Boester D15
Robert and Gale Borger C7
Steven Borsini D14
Rick Borstein F7 F8
Steve Botts F1 F2
Dave Boyce F12
Lucas Bretz D12
Josephine Christopher S6 S7
Kasey Clark F9 F10
John Corey G10
Bob Crouse S4 S5
Josh Cunningham A8 A9
Justin Datavs C9 C10 C11
Gino DiNella F3
Mike Donovan G11
Peter Durkin A12 A13 A14
Denise Erickson E9 E10
Orlando Escobar G12
Freshwater Exotics E1
Charles Feret D3
Mark Fisher G13 G14
Leonid Fliman D5
Greenwater Greenwater B3 B4 C3 C4
Larry Grening A1 A2 A3
Chris Hazard G24
Mark Huffman E13 E14 E15
Mugwump Jon Miller S8
Varun Kamat S3
Jerzy Kowal S9
Thomas Krout D4
Jerry Le B5
Jim Lehner E11 E12
Dan Lessman C14 C15
Jeff Michels G22 G23
Scott Miller D1 D2
William Moran G18 G19
Mike Murr D6 D7
Bob Nesnidal G5
John Nickles B6
Alex Nixon A4 A5 A6 A7
Jim Nowobielski C5
Trevor O'Gorman E2
Frank O'Neill B9 B10 B11
Ric Perez A11 A10
Todd Raysby B7
Mat Rehberg F4
Phil Salant S10 S11
Mike Schadle G1 G2 G3
Alan Schahczinski C12 C13
Mike Schroeder E5 E6 E7
Dustin Shearer S1 S2
Dave Sielaff B15 B14
Greg Smith F5
Kory Smith E4
Bob Sturnfield F6
Mike Swets G8
Terry Tankersley G15
David Townsend B12 B13
Rene Valtierra C6
Tristan Watson E3
Marcus Weesner D13

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