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When your hobby almost kills you....

5 years 5 months ago #36471 by keltonsports
Thank you for your kind words Jason. I will try not to be a stranger. I do appreciate the friendships that I have from the hobby!

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5 years 5 months ago #36470 by scubadiver
Your health and family are priority number one.

I am glad to hear that you are ok, that sounds like a pretty traumatic accident.

You will be missed however we completely understand after going through something like that.

Please come visit us for the friendship in the future.


Are you looking to be involved or commited
A Pig and a Chicken are walking down the road. The Chicken says, "Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!". Pig replies, "What would we call it?". The Chicken responds, "How about ham-n-eggs?" The Pig thinks for a moment and says, No thanks. I'd be committed, but you'd only be involved.

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5 years 5 months ago #36469 by keltonsports
Dear GCCA Board and members,
With regretful words, I am announcing my retirement from fish keeping. On Friday night I went to trade a female Red Terror for a male Red Terror and I totaled my car. On the high way at about 50 mph I hydroplaned head first into a concrete barrier. Aside from Whiplash and bruises I am ok. Thankfully I was alone in the car and I did not hit anyone else. My car on the other hand is completely destroyed.
For those of you that know me, you know that my wife hates my fish addiction. She did not want me to go Friday. But, my addiction did not let me listen to her and I chose to go anyway, and it almost cost me my life.
therefore, I have decided to leave the hobby for a little while. I am only going to have one tank with community cichlids. The rest of my fish are going to various fish friends that I have met through the hobby.
I want to thank the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association for all the knowledge and fun memories that I have. I want to thank the board for all the hard work that they do. I want to thank all the members for making me feel welcome.

You guys (and gals) are the best!

Patrick Lauer
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