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Warmer house or more heaters

1 year 11 months ago #37922 by KeithF1138
So wondering what people think.

Since getting back into the hobby the number of tanks in my house has grown to 15.
55G in master bedroom
32G, 40G and 2 10s in my office
15G in Dinette
3 10s, 3 20H, 1 30G and 2 75G in basement

We try to be energy efficient. We have solar panels that supplies upwards of 75% of energy in the summer. We have 3 Electric Vehicles. We tend to keep the heat set to a lower temperature. Unless I go to the thermostat the highest we have the heat set is 67. So heaters have to do some work, particularly in the basement where it is a good deal cooler.

So made me think am I heating as efficient as I could. Am I over using electricity and under using gas. Should I boost the house temperature and spend more on gas and that cause the heaters to run a little less.

Also we use hourly pricing which makes electric prices overnight much cheaper usually. Should I get an electric space heater for the basement and have that set at like 80 degrees overnight. Our basement isnt really finished and is rather open. The fish tanks arent in a separate room that I could heat separately.

Also for the larger tanks for efficiency purposes should I move them to 2 smaller heaters or keep with 1 larger heater?

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