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The Auto-Magic
Breeder Report Writer

A super easy way to write an article for GCCA's Cichlid Chatter newsletter, or use it to keep records for the future.

  1. Fill in the form below replacingthe example text.
  2. If you don't know an answer, type N/A in the field. You must put something in every field or you will receive an error message.
  3. When complete, click the button at the bottom of the page.
  4. View your custom report in a new window
  5. Select the text then cut and paste to the program of your choice!

When you're done, you can copy the text to a word processor or your email.

Input into the fields Instructions
Enter Your first and last name
Enter the latin name of the fish
What is the common name for the fish?
Describe the color and shape of male fish
Describe the color and shape of female fish.
How big do male fish get?
How big do female fish get?
Write a short paragraph:
What is the temperament of the fish? Are they aggressive? To other fish or only the same species?
Where is the fish found? (lake, river, country, location)
What is the climate in the native habitat?
What is the water chemistry in the native habitat?
When did you successfully spawn the fish?
How big was the spawning tank?
What was the water chemistry of the spawning tank? pH, temperature, etc.
What kind of gravel (if any) did you use.
Did you use plants in your spawning tank? What kind?
What kind of filtration was used?
How often did you change the water?
How much water did you change (%)
What kind of lighting did you use?
How long were the lights on per day?
Where did you obtain the fish? A store? An auction?
How many fish did you start with?
How big were the fish when you got them?
What did you feed the fish? Flake? What brand? Did you use any special foods to condition the breeders?
How do the fish breed? Are the mouthbrooders, substrate spawners, etc.
Write a brief paragraph:
Describe the courtship and breeding process if you observed it.
How old were the fish when they bred?
How large (inches) were the fish when they bred for you?
Describe the site where the fish spawned
Write a small paragraph:
Describe the spawning colors of the fish.
How many eggs were laid? What color were they?
Write a brief paragraph
Which fish (male, female or both) cared for the eggs after spawning? If a mouthbrooder, describe how well or not the female held the eggs.
Write a brief paragraph
What kind of care did you provide for the fish or eggs? Did you hatch the eggs artificially? How did you do it? Di you move a mouthbrooding female to another tank?
How long did it take before the eggs hatched - or - how long did the female hold the eggs?
How many eggs hatched?
What percent of eggs hatched?
Write a brief paragraph:
Describe the young fry. Were they wrigglers? Did they have yolk sacs? Were they free swimming? How big were they?
What did you feed the newly hatched fry? Baby brine shrimp? Flake? Cyclop-Eeze?
What was the second food that you fed?
When did you start feeding the second food?
Write a short paragraph:
Did the fry require any special care? Did you move them to another tank?
Did the parents care for the fry? How did they care for the fry?
How did the fry grow? Slowly? Quickly?
What kind of filtration did you use in the fry tank?
Write a small paragraph:
Describe any interesting habits or observations you have to share about the fish. Is there any social behavior that is interesting?
Write a small paragraph
What can you tell us about this fishkeeping experience? Was it fun?
Write a small paragraph
Would you recommend this fish to others? Why or why not?
Write a concluding paragraph:
If you were to breed this fish again, would you do anything different? What would you tell others that you haven't already mentioned?