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Download icon Auction Seller Sheet (242 kB)

What format is the seller sheet?

The auction seller sheet is in Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format). We have two version available for download. A saveable form for Adobe Reader 8 and a non-saveable form for Reader 5 and up. You can the Adobe Reader here.

How do I use the auction seller sheet?

After you download the file, double-click to open it in Acrobat Reader. You will fill out an electronic form to create:

  • Your auction seller sheet
  • Your item labels (created automatically from seller sheet)


There are instruction right on the form, but some basics are below:

  1. Insert your cursor in the "Seller Number" field at the top of the form. Type in the seller number you received from the Auction Chairman.
  2. Hit the TAB key to fill in additional fields.
  3. Fill in Bag Descriptions for as many items as you will bring to the auction. The labels will be filled in on pages 2 and 3! Write the number of fish on the auction label. Note that GCCA auction rules limit you to forty items.
  4. Print your seller sheet and labels

Can I save my seller sheet?

Yes, if you have Adobe Reader 

Normally, Adobe Reader cannot save data in forms. However, we have enabled these forms with Adobe Acrobat Professional so that you may save data in the form.

Do I have to fill the sheet out on-line?

No. You do not have to be on the internet to fill out the auction seller sheet after you download it.

How do I get a seller number?

Use GCCA's Auction Registration System. It will be available via the main Auction page. 

If you have a problem, contact GCCA's Auction Chairman via phone or email:

What kind of labels do I need? Where can I buy them?

You will need Avery 5161 (laser labels) or 8251 (ink jet labels) to print the labels. These labels are 4 inches wide by 1 inch high, 20 to the sheet.

You can find these labels at any office supply store.

What kind of printer do I need?

Adobe Reader will print to virtually any printer, however, you do need to make sure that you purchase the appropriate labels for your printer. If you have an inkjet printer, select Avery 8251 labels, If you have a laser printer, choose Avery 5161 labels.

Troubleshooting and printing problems. How do I fix it?

I can't find the file.
Use the FIND feature of your operating system and search for the file name Auction_sheet_n_label_saveable.pdf".

I can't open the seller sheet.
You do not have the correct version of the FREE Adobe Reader. We recommend you download the latest version. You can get it here.

Advice for common printing problems:

Auction Sheet or Labels appear too small or are shifted
In the print window, turn off the option "Shrink Oversized pages to paper size".

Labels are shifted down the page.
Try printing the labels on plain paper. If they appear correctly, then your printer is not gripping the label material correctly. Clean the feed rollers on your printer and try printing again. Another suggestion is to use the manual feed option on your printer if it has one.

I get a print error when I print the labels.

Check if there was a paper jam. It is possible you may need an updated print driver to print the Acrobat file, but problems like this are rare. Consult the Support Section of Adobe's web site.

I still need help!

Contact the GCCA Webmaster .