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Membership in the GCCA is not required to sell or purchase or sell fish.

What may be sold
  • You may only sell cichlids and other fish.
  • There is a limit of five, non-cichlid fish per seller.
You may not Sell
  • Plants
  • Equipment or dry goods
  • Non-fish (e.g snails, frogs, crabs, shrimp)
  • Hybrids such as Parrot Fish and Flowerhorns
  • Painted or marked fish
  • For Cichlid-only Auctions (Cichlid Classic Auction only) you may not sell non-cichlids
All Items must be properly labeled

We recommend that you print them using our electronic auction seller sheet.

The following information is required to appear on each sale item:

Seller number-Item Number Seller Name
Seller Phone Number Quantity
Species Name  
Proper bagging of fish is required
  • It is strongly recommended that all fish be double bagged.
  • Adult males and females should be bagged separately and taped together or placed in a third bag.


Any item requiring re-bagging will incur a $1.00 fee, charged to the seller.

Sellable Size
  • Fish must be of sellable size, one-inch standard length, except for dwarf species.
  • An exception is made for BAP fry from GCCA members-only which are considered a donation to the club.
Seller Split and Payment
  • GCCA will retain the first $1.00 of the sale plus 20% of the price exceeding the first $1.00 up to a cap of $25.00.
  • All sales of $1.00 or less will be considered a donation to the GCCA
  • No payouts will be made at the auction. Sellers will receive checks 4-6 weeks after the auction
Item Limit
  • The maximum number of fish sold by an individual is 40 bags.
  • There is a limit of five bags, per species or color morph.
Color Tags for Auction Order

Sellers will be issued color tags to be placed on bags to be sold. Sellers will receive an equal number of color tags so that their fish will be distributed in color lots throughout the auction. The order of the auction is determined by a random drawing of the color tags prior to the auction.

The seller can designate any item to be a donation to the GCCA.

Priority Items

For a $3 fee, any registered buyer or seller may bring any item from any color group up for immediate sale at any time during the auction. For sellers, this is a great way to ensure that rare fish can be auctioned during the peak period of the event.

Unclaimed Items and Disclaimers

All unclaimed items become property of GCCA.

Neither the GCCA or auction site will be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury incurred before, during, or after the auction.

All rules will be strictly enforced. Those items not adhering to the rules will be rejected and removed from the auction. The auction chairman has the sole and absolute authority over the interpretation, application, and enforcement of the rules.

The rules are not intended to be all encompassing and may be changed prior to the start of the GCCA Auction.