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Bald Tax Blog March 2012

8 years 5 months ago #37339 by libasci
(1)  “gruh-modes”
(2)  “gruhm-o-dez”
(3)  “gruhm-o-DEEZ”
(4)  “gram-o-dess”
(5)  “grah-MO-deez”
During conversations about this fish,...



March 2012

I’m lazy, so here is a 2009 reproduced article I wrote.  Enjoy….

Aquarium Husbandry(and attempts at pronunciation) of

ex-Cichlasoma grammodes

Scott Womack (April 2009)



I can certainly type the name, but damned if I’m sure of its pronunciation.


In the past, I have written a couple of articles on species that I have kept and bred, and for those, I tried to perform as much research as possible so that I can at least pretend to know what I am writing about.  But I have searched high and low for a phonetic spelling of “grammodes” with no luck…and it’s kind of bugging me.  I have asked some of my fish keeping friends about the pronunciation of “that fish” and I have received the following (pardon my own crude phonetic spelling):


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