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Swap Meet Vendor Notice

7 years 4 months ago #33421 by sawboy
Replied by sawboy on topic Swap Meet Vendor Notice
I would also like to make mention that when the system is slammed with everyone trying to register at the same time, it can get overwhelmed. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience but it cannot be avoided and the GCCA cannot be held responsible for vendors missing out. Not trying to sound harsh, but I had two vendors tell me "It's on you, it's your problem, I demand a table". Incorrect. :)

Negative Karma for rule enforcement is a badge of honor :)

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7 years 4 months ago #33420 by scubadiver
Replied by scubadiver on topic Swap Meet Vendor Notice
Our registration will be opened up for paid GCCA members this Friday 3/29 @ 7pm for members & on 4/5 @ 7pm for non-members.

Note during our last swap the registration sold out in 30 minutes during the member registration period.

Also note it is strongly recommended you join before the day of the swap registration as we will not be able to support any issues that occur for people that become a member on the day of the swap registration.

Are you looking to be involved or commited
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7 years 4 months ago #33418 by bxdragon1
Replied by bxdragon1 on topic Swap Meet Vendor Notice
I cannot find where to register and reserve a table at the 4/14 Swap, can you please help me?

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7 years 11 months ago #33417 by forumadmin

Early Registration and Discounts for GCCA Members

Current, paid GCCA members may register for tables one week before the general public. GCCA members also receive a $5 discount per table.

GCCA Members may register starting one week before the general public

Because the number of swap tables is limited, if you are not already a member, you should consider joining GCCA online. A one year membership in GCCA is $20 for individuals.

You may pay for your table online via Paypal which includes major credit cards.

How do I know if my membership is current?

Your membership in GCCA must be current to register during the early "members only" period.

To check your membership status:

  1. Go to http://www.gcca.net and click the Account and Log-in menu
  2. Choose the GCCA Membership Status Option
  3. Enter your username and password if you are not already logged in
  4. Your expiration date will be noted. You may renew from the same screen

We strongly suggest you check your membership status NOW if you want to register during the early registration period.

Non-member Registration

In order to reserve a table(s) for the swap meet, you will need to be able log-in to our site.

If you do not already have an account . . .

  1. Go to http://www.gcca.net and click the Account and Log-in menu
  2. Choose the Create Account Option

Can't Log-in?

If you have an existing account and can't log in, please email the webmaster with the following information:

- username (s) you used in the past

- email address (s) you used in the past

We'll research the issue and get your account working for you.


Swap Meet Details and Contact Info

Day Sunday, April 14th, 2013
Time 10AM to 2PM
Set-up begins at 7:30AM
Where Best Western Plus
4400 Frontage Rd
Hillside, IL. 60162
Vendor Table Registration Opens

Paid GCCA Member registration: Friday, 3/29 at 7:00pm.
NON-member registration: Friday 4/5 at 7:00pm.

How do I register?
  1. Go to www.gcca.net
  2. Look for the event "Swap Vendor Registration" in the events list on the right side of the page.
NOTE: In order to register, you must have be a registered member of our website.
Table Cost 8 foot tables are $45 ($40 for GCCA Members)
Swap Meet Chairman

Bob Chirempes
Email Bob

Calls accepted betwen 9AM and 9PM Central Time only. If no answer, please leave a detailed message.

Vendor Rules

Table Cost

  • All tables are $45 each or $40 for GCCA Members in good standing.
  • Table prices change from swap meet to swap meet


  • Payment is due when you check into the swap meet.
  • You must pay your table fees before we will allow you to set up.

What is Provided

  • 8' tables. 2 Chairs
  • You may request electrical access, but it is not guaranteed.

Communication is via Email

We use email to send confirmations and changes. Make sure that you "white list" webmaster@gcca.net in order to receive communications from us.

How to Reserve a Table

Please use the on-line table reservation system. It will ensure fast, accurate reservations.

  • The system will let you know if tables are available
  • If we are oversold, you may register for our waitlist

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

  • Tables may not be cancelled.
    • If you register for a table, you are responsible for paying for it, whether you can make the swap meet or not.
  • You may not transfer a reservation to another party. You are solely responsible for paying for your table.
  • You must pay for your table or you will not be allowed to participate in future GCCA events or auctions until you do.

Room Layout and Vendor List

  • We will post a table layout and Vendor Listing on our website a few days before the Swap Meet.
  • The room layout changes from swap meet to swap meet.
    • Do not assume you will get the same table as last time.
  • We try to accommodate requests for electrical outlets, but cannot guarantee them.

Swap Rules

  • Move-in is between 7:30AM and 9:30AM only. Please have all your items in the room BY 9:30AM.
    • After 9:30AM, attendees begin to line up and safety becomes an issue.
  • Prior to 10AM, only vendors and GCCA staff may enter the swap room.
  • Please encourage your pre-paid sales to come at 10AM for pickup and to pay an admission. This is fair to everyone.
  • Vendors must get a badge for admission to the room.The person who registers for the table must be present and pay for the table before any tablemates or helpers enter the swap room.
  • Limit of two vendor badges per registered vendor.
  • Exceptions are made for young children of vendors.
  • Additional helpers may enter the room early to help you set up, but must pay admission.
  • GCCA reserves the right to remove any vendor which is disruptive to the swap meet or is operating in an unsafe manner.
  • Only aquarium hobby related items may be sold.
  • Vendor is responsible for collecting any sales tax that may be due.

Vendor Tips

  • Price aggressively.Attendees usually look for bargains.
  • Colorful fish of decent size sell the best.
  • Bring self-standing signage for your table.
  • Color pictures of fish help sell your items.
  • Be patient and help educate attendees. Many are new to the hobby.
  • Arrive early enough to be completely set up by 9:30AM. You can set-up starting at 7:30AM.

Your friendly, neighborhood Forum Admin

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