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And so begin the days of Tsididi

4 years 7 months ago #36273 by Razzo
In the next few weeks, Lord willing, I will be adding the two beautiful trios in this video to the current Beta male in Mikula Group Nyatzi. This Beta male will become the Alpha of this new group and he shall be called Tsididi (which is Tswana for "the cold one" - the T is silent and is pronounced "si-didi"). Thank you once again, Bob & Alison at Cichlids & Herps for these lovely wild caught Cyphotilapia gibberosa (Zaire Blue Mikula) in the following video...


LOL, that was their second feeding today. I am in the process of buffing & polishing the 240 for Nyatzi and his eight females. Once that is complete, Tsididi will get his group in the video. Tsididi has not taken any significant damage to his trailers from Nyatzi and I hope he can continue to stay a step or two in front of Nyatzi as I have high hopes for some magnificent trailers for him. I love his deep dark blue hues and is extra wide black bars. Can't wait!

Here's a recent shot of Tsididi

Thank you,

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