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Can anyone give me an answer?

9 years 3 months ago #27954 by Nuchal Man
The Pseudotropheus tropheops complex of fish has been broken down extensively with a handful of species described and a whole bunch more undescribed. They were also moved into their own genus Tropheops. Your fish would now be called Tropheops tropheops.

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9 years 3 months ago #27951 by Les
Back in the late '60's and early '70's I had good success spawning a fish I knew as Pseudotropheus tropheops.  Today I bought Koning's book "Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids" ar the swap hoping to have some light shed on this because I have not been able to locate this fish in my various internet searches or in Fish Base.  It isn't in Koning's book either.  I can give a references with comments and pictures in Dr.Robert Goldstein's books, "Cichlids" 1st edition (pages 87,91,94,95,with a good picture of m & f on 100) which I purchased in 1970, and "Cichlids of the World" 1st edition (pages57, 302,322, 326, with good color photos on P304 and 305) which I purchased in 1973. I had reared probably over 20 spawns back then. They bred true and the young were very marketable.

Since I can't seem to find any contemporary references to this Mbuna I wonder what has become of the species. Can anyone enlighten me?  If you don't have access to these books, the fish bears strong resemblence ot Yellow Labs but their colors ranged from a stronger yellow to orange-yellow, with a narrower black dorsal border and males sometimes showed a subtle olive vertical barring.  The nose was more blunt than the lemon yellow lab, more like sperengerae.

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