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Nimbochromis Venustus

9 years 7 months ago #28990 by joshua.jebe
Replied by joshua.jebe on topic Nimbochromis Venustus
i have kept and bred veneusteus, the male was 10 inches and the female would not attempt to breed till she turned 8 inches long and then produced 300+ fry a month, my calvus were happy campers and it was awesoe to watch!!

only advice i can give is when they turn 6inches remove all but 1 of the males

the first time i had these fish  , when the subdom tried to color up both fish were dead the next day and they were in a 6 foot 240 gal tank

large open area in tank with tubes or pvc for femmales to escape the aggressive male, i used market shrimp and others/cherry to condition the females


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10 years 2 days ago #27415 by why_spyder
Replied by why_spyder on topic Nimbochromis Venustus
As far as diet goes - Nimbochromis are predators.

I really can't say alot about the other questions you have since I've never kept Nimbo's.

Sounds like a great tank setup - really like the waterchange system.  Any chance of some tank and fish photos? :)

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10 years 2 days ago - 10 years 2 days ago #27414 by Jim in Michiana
A little info please ????

I purchased a group (12) of 1" fry several months ago, and they're growing pretty well.  Some are approaching 4" with the majority about 3" and a few runts about 2.5".......

The group is housed in a 125g tank with 4 Nimbichromis Linii that are similary sized.  There does not appear to be any agression between the different species, and they all seem to "shoal" together.  The tank has 2 distinct "territories" at opposing ends, with open swimming room in between.  The substrate is PFS.  There is a Hydor Koralia 3 at one end of the tank for circulation, and (3) #5 sponge filters for denitrification.  The tank receives a water change of approx 15-20 gallons daily thru my automated drip system.

One fish, obviously a male, has developed a gorgeous blue face and a white dorsal fin.  One or two others are showing hints of blue in the face also.

My questions are.......

(1)  At what size can I expect these fish to begin breeding ?  I'm assuming that if they are showing dimorphic characteristics (color), that they should be ready to start at any time now.  Any tips on triggering a spawn ?

(2) I've read that Venustus males are intolerant of other Venustus males in the same tank.  Is this true ?  If I can Identify more than one male, should I start to split the group up into smaller colonies trying to maintain a decent M-F ratio ?

(3) Diet.....  I've read that they're vegetarian, and I've also read that they're omnivores.  Can anyone speak from experience with regards to diet ?

(4) Interbreeding.  Should I be concerned about the possibility (if one exists) of the Venustus crossbreeding with the Linii ?

Thanks in advance for any information you'd be willing to share.

Thanks, Jim
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