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Are these the right tank mates

7 years 8 months ago #32731 by mikeg2929
A few thoughts -

The red empress males can be pretty tough fish. It doesn't surprise me that they are breeding. They breed like rats.

But so do all the other fish in that tank.

One thing - two types of vics in a tank is a pretty solid no-no. The males will breed with any similar (not identical, just similar) female and now you have mutts.

There are way too many fish in that tank. I count 25 or so (maybe some reflections). With that many fish, someone is always interfering with the breeding. Scale back to 1M/ 3f of three of the species. Raise the heat to 80 degrees. Feed frozen krill, mysis, or a ton of brine shrimp for a week. Do a 50% water change with cooler water.

Good luck.
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7 years 8 months ago #32729 by Matt
:unsure: I have a 55 gallon tank and I keep the following fish in the same tank ( Christmas Fulu , Acei Yellow Tails, Pundamilia Nyererei and Red Empress. The Red Empresses are spawning with no problem . But its the rest of them are not . Do I have something wrong with tank mates. They all get along no dead fish or beat up fins.


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