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Few Questions on my new fish

9 years 4 months ago #28701 by FishandFire
I have a few answers for you.

1.  Yes it is a Pelvicachromis of some sort.  Can't tell from the pics the exact species
2.  They do appear to be male/female from the pics
3.  Very few fish breath "air".  All fish require oxygen and they get that oxygen through their gills.  Most fish never need to hit the surface of the water.
4.  What you are seeing is "flashing".  This could be normal or this could be a sign of disease.  Essentially, the fish has an itch and is scratching it.

Cichlids are typically a very territorial species.  It is normal for a cichlid to find a "home", stay there, protect it, and chase off anything that comes near it.

Looks like you have a ton of different types of fish in there:  cichlids, tetras, red tail sharks, platys, and frogs are just what I saw.  Be careful when adding fish so that you make sure that they are compatible.  cichlids typically don't play well with other less aggressive fish.  Luckily it looks like your tank is large enough, hiding spots are bountiful, and you chose a smaller cichlid.  You may be able to pull this one off.  Watch for signs of aggression, though.

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9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #28700 by gordonuk
hi, am writing this as would like to get a sensible answer from someone who knows the breed of fish, am not having much joy on general fish forums.

I bought these from a seller online (Gumtree), they were listed as "Pelvicachromis Subocellatus Matadi" The fish have settled in ok and are swimming about.

I have noticed the smaller one (one with color top fin) swims about and the plain looking bigger one stays hidden away and only comes out to chace the smaller one if it comes too near it.

1. Is it the breed as listed above or are they something else?
2. Are they male and female? (the seller said they were a breeding pair)
3. These fish do they breath air?, as never seen them goto surface to gulp air like other fish do?
4. When dogs want to sent their teritory they cok their leg and pee, but i have noticed the big plain fish is rubbing its cheek against the gravel, is that doing it the same as a dog or does it just have an itch!?

I have attached 4 images (2 of each fish), they are the best i can get as they camera shy, and also a video of them again best i can get.





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