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Compatibility - Rainbow Cichlids with Apisto Borellii?

11 months 5 days ago - 10 months 4 weeks ago #37856 by scott60555
I am new to New World Cichlids, having had African Cichlids back in my college days.

The new setup is cycling now with a 26gal bowfront Fluval kit that is heavily planted in Eco-Complete and has many rocks suitably arranged. No fish. I was hoping to get my fish at the October 6th event. The tank should be good to go by then and has Very soft water which has been chemically brought down to about 6.8-7.2 pH. I am seeping some driftwood to which will be attached some Bucephalandra "Wavy Green" to help keep the water a bit acidic as my water is soft and very alkaline. This will make 5 plant species (root tabbed, fertilized, and either tied or planted) with various rocks forming homey hideouts.

I have been getting mixed advice on the fish I had hoped to have. I was hoping to get Rainbow Cichlids (a pair?) and trio or pair of Borellii. Will they get along? Advice was all over the board, saying different reasons not to, and the stores, who were without either species, seemed to be trying to have me choose something more common like what they had in stock. One person even thought that even one Rainbow would be too much for the other fish and it would get too large. The internet seemed to lead me to believe that they could cohabit peacefully. Any recommendations?

I was also thinking of a catfish of some type, a plecko, and adding from my breeding colony of cherry and algae eating shrimp. Up top I was thinking of some type of schooling fish, perhaps colorful rasboras like the galaxy. I was going to limit the tank to about 16 fish, plus shrimp, trying to get fish that ate the same foods. How's my thinking?

Thanks so much in advance for your suggestions and advice.

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