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Retroculus Lapidifer

7 years 6 months ago #33005 by cha523
Replied by cha523 on topic Retroculus Lapidifer
My point exactly Sam. We have several members in our club who can provide optimal water quality and conditions. I was involved in the hobby when people were intimidated by discuss, that's how long in the tooth my addiction is. Dan Ye would not deal fish to her friends at GCCA who are not eating. The challenge is to get a group going and breed them. I know this has been done on several occasions. Obviously the water conditions would be the most challenging here in the land of hard water. I think the most difficult fish pay the most dividends to breed and raise. I have been looking for a rather easy fish to breed Lestradea Perspicax (Tanganyikan) for 11 years and have yet to see them on any list or in any ACA or GCCA event that I have been to. The purpose of my original post is based upon my observation that I rarely see any rare fish at our rare fish auction so I thought I would chime in with a recommendation to stimulate some new thinking about the possibilities of the club

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7 years 6 months ago #33004 by Nuchal Man
Replied by Nuchal Man on topic Retroculus Lapidifer
That is a very very hard fish to work with. Needs soft and slightly acidic water, very clean water with almost no nitrates,cooler water temperatures, and lots of waterflow. They also tend to bloat easily. Dan Ye's are also wild fish and they are quite difficult to get feeding, at least that was my experience with the very similar R. xinguensis.

I have a confession. I'm a cichlaholic.

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7 years 7 months ago #33003 by cha523
Retroculus Lapidifer was created by cha523
Dan Ye-Jennings has some of these interesting fish. They are expensive, around 50 per, but they have a significant breeding record.I wonder if the club would be interested in purchasing some, then sheltering for breeding purposes. These fish are 2" and breed in 2-3 years at 8-12". Maybe someone with a good track record, like Scott or Rick(s) could shelter them. I think this would be a good activity for the club, making these and other rare fish available to club members. I wouldnt mind paying a small surcharge on my membership to fund such activites. Carl Hampton (champton2@northwestern.edu)

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