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Green Terror in Shock

9 years 5 months ago - 9 years 5 months ago #28823 by ADOGG80
Hoping someone could help me out here. I recently got a Green Terror from a guy giving him away. He is about 7 inches or so in length. I transported him home in a bucket, when I got home he was on his side and not looking well at all. I did not properly acclimate him. I freaked out and got him in the tank as fast as I could. Probably not the best idea. For the last two days now he lays at the bottom on his side in an arched position. Is he in shock? Noone is picking on him so that is good. I have kept the lights off. He does not seem to be breathing heavy. When I look at him he swims away. I added some aquarium salt. Is this helpful at all? What else can I do for him or is it pretty much too late? Thanks in advance for your responses. Aaron.  Update: I did just see him eat for the first time, other than that still has all the same symptoms as described above.
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