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Let's try this again!

I've gotten approval from Dragonkeeper so I can relist this.

I'm ordering fish from The Wet Spot Tropical Fish Store to arrive on Friday, April 5th via UPS Next Day in Hinsdale, IL. If you are interested, please check their list at

I brought fish in a couple of weeks ago and shipping for 5 bags of 1.5" fish (4-6 fish per bag) was approximately $70, so think $15 per bag as I will break it down based on bag/size to be fair. Shipping starts at $45 for a box, so the more people are involved, the less it will cost per bag.

How it works:
  • If you are interested, please PM or EMAIL ME at with what you would like
  • I will require you to paypal me the money ahead of time so I don't get left out in the cold. I will know what shipping costs are ahead of time.
  • I will place the order on Monday night (April 1 - not april fools) so all orders and payments need to be done by then.
  • Come pick up the fish in Hinsdale at my home on Friday midday - it should be that simple!

  • If you are wondering why you should do an order with a newb on the forum, I'll introduce myself to hopefully quell any fears of this being a distaster...

    My name is Grey Wyman (fishman76092), I've been in the industry and hobby over the past 30+ years. I worked onsite at The Cichlid Exchange in college as a salesman and then a few years ago, I started the aquabid sales for The Wet Spot and ran it for a couple of years from TX until it got to big and had to be run onsite. I had nearly 1000 fb on aquabid and currently have 930+ feedback on ebay. I've also been a mod on MFK, Waterwolves, Cichlid-forum, and DFWfishbox over the years - and have run a dozen or so group buys. You can google my name or alias to get reviews on the buys I've done.

    LASTLY, I'm on Spring Break with my kids until Friday, so if you email me today-Fri, I may not get back to you immediately.

100g CA Cichlid/Planted tank- C. microphthalmus, T. maculipinnis, A. sp. "HRP" Rio Danli, Barilius canarensis, Clown Loaches.

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