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Conservation of species in the hobby

9 years 6 months ago #27634 by Les
This is just my venting---:   I read a lot about cichlid keepers respecting the sanctity of natural speciation and I fully, fully agree.  My problem is with sellers of cichlids who have to add glitzy names to fish they want to sell.  I saw a classified ad where something like "Cardinal Jewelbox Cichlids" were listed for sale.  There was no other ID.  At the very least fish should have their genus and species included; something like Africanus lesii "Cardinal Jewelbox" (pardon my bogus example) should be used.  To me the use of only glitzy names reeks of "HYBRIDS" and if I am taking the time to write about it, it must really bug me.  I won't buy a fish if I don't believe it is a naturally occuring species and I hope others will join me in this.

I am posting this in taxonomy because I think it best fits here/.

tanks, tanks everywhere-and nary a tank to spare!!!

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