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July TOTM Contest 2009

10 years 7 months ago - 10 years 7 months ago #21143 by redzebra24
Please send in your tank picture and a little bit of information such as tank size, stock list of fish and the types of plants you have.

Here are the offical rules. Voting will start the 15th.

Submission of Photos:
Gcca TOTM Rules.
Please e-mail your submissions or links to gccapotm@yahoo.com with "TOTM" listed as the subject and your
1. GCCA Forum username
2. Tank size
3. Stock list and plant list.

Contest Rules:

1. One photo of a tank per member
2. The tank must be yours.
3. Submittions will be taken until the 14th at 12:00pm of the month.
4. Voting will start on the 15th of the month and go until the end. Each user has 1 vote.
5. In case of a tie 2 extra days will be added for extra voting of the two pictures.


I currently have submissions from cichlidsocko, iwade4fish, and Madzarembski from past months.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by redzebra24 are those of his own and not necessarily the shared views of any other person, party, or affiliates.


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