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Sajica help please

1 year 5 months ago #37699 by decapod
Replied by decapod on topic Sajica help please
On mine, males get red in the fins and females get yellow in the fins.

Just got my first batch of Sajica grandkids about a month ago, and they're doing great.

My current pair are much better at guarding fry than their parents were. The original pair would freak out and start eating the fry any time I got too close to the tank, so I had to do stuff like cover the front of the tank with cardboard. Sometimes I would just sneak up on them in the dark with a flashlight and a siphon hose..

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1 year 5 months ago #37693 by Chrismckeetrg
So I am new to the forum and just getting back into my cichlids again after not keeping any fish for close to 16 years.
Any advice and help would be appreciated since Sajica have been a long waited and wanted fish. I currently have 4( 2 different bloodlines),1 is around an inch and a quartet, the other 3 from 1.75 to 2.25 inches. Still currently waiting them to pair off but also having trouble identifying sexes between them. They have 1 tank mate with them until it gets bigger to go in with the breeding convicts and that tank mate is a .75 inch Jack Dempsey. All of these fish will be in a 125gl after they grow out a bit more.
I was wondering who has experience with Sajica, keeping and breeding as well as sexing. I know internet says red stripe I'm dorsal and anal fins at young stages are males, females lack the red, but also pointed fins are clearly male. 3 of my fish show red but 1 has pointed fins the other 2 have rounded, and the Sajica that is blind in one eye has only black for dorsal and anal fin outline and I can't find any info on that color for Sajica.
My goal is to breed these out since I have always wanted to do so, and share them with people who have underestimated this species for both color and temperament.
I can post pics of set up as well as individual fish for ease, but be aware these are pics from my phones camera so might not be the greatest. Thank you in advance for the replies.

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