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Thorichthys Meeki

4 years 10 months ago #35692 by madeto
Replied by madeto on topic Thorichthys Meeki
As you know, I love Apistos, but comparing to Central Americans, they are not good parents at all.
If you want to see good cichlid parents, try some convicts, Cryptoheros and of course Firemouths.
From now on, just make sure to feed your fry some Baby brine shrimp and parents will make sure you got an easy BAP point ;)

So I say to her……There is plenty of stuff at the house for the baby to eat!!!! I REALLY need this fish……

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4 years 10 months ago #35691 by scubadiver
Replied by scubadiver on topic Thorichthys Meeki
If you can raise apistos you should have no problems with the firemouths. They are really impressive parents and it is super cool to watch the swarm. Feed them bbs or small fry food if there are other tank inhabitants most of the fry will get picked off once they start wandering.

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4 years 10 months ago #35690 by Adam James K
Replied by Adam James K on topic Thorichthys Meeki

I keep Thorichthys Maculipinnis(formerly Ellioti). I have 11 in a 125 gallon. 3 pairs spawn consistently. Another 'loose' pair has not yet done the deed. I have not yet attempted to save any fry yet, so I cannot share this experience. When I do, I plan on siphoning out only a small portion of the fry. Raising them on BBS and graduating up to crushed flake.

They spawn frequently, so if you're not ready for them yet you could wait for the next spawn.

I have a lot of footage of my Thorichthys, including an actual spawn itself. It's in this YouTube playlist-

Good luck!

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #35689 by AquaPorn
Thorichthys Meeki was created by AquaPorn
I picked up 5 Firemouth Cichlids (thorichthys meeki) at a meeting a couple of months back. Bid shamed into it actually (thanks Rick). I wasn't interested in bigger Central American cichlids (As you may know I'm currently an Apisto freak), but nobody else at the meeting was either. So, I dicided I'd give them a home and grow them out for future trade or sale. I mean for the $1 I paid for them if I killed them, or they killed each other, I'm not out much.

So, I got them home and put them in a 36" 30 gallon tank with a couple rocks, a few pieces of bogwood, and a couple of plants. And, there they stayed with no extra special attention besides regular feedings and water changes. I rarely even gave them any thought as I was wrapped up in my attemps to breed my Apistos.

Today during maintenance I found that 2 of the 5 have paired, and have a brood that easily, I mean EASILY tops 200 fry! The swarm around the nest the parents created is insanely huge! I've never seen anything like it.
One thing I find interesting is that both parents are involved in protecting the fry. Mom tends to the fry as Dad drives off anything that invades their territory. Unlike Apisto's where the female guards the fry, and eventually drives off the male to do it on her own. It's really fascinating to watch this behavior.

I wasn't attemping to breed, so I've done zero research on Firemouths. I really don't know what my next move is, but it's exciting no the less, and a seemingly easy BAP tally if I get them to grow out.

Any tips/insight would be appreciated.

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