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Muske's Stock List

9 years 5 months ago - 9 years 5 months ago #24569 by Muske
Muske's Stock List was created by Muske
110 Tenacor Flat Back Hex with corner overflows.
Amiracle Wet/Dry and Mag 12
5 gal. Fuge that houses Yellow Comp. fry

1 M Unknown sp. Frontosa
1 Neolamp. sexfasciatus "Gold"
1 Neolamp. leleupi
1 Juliochromis marlieri Jumbo Male
2 Altolamp. Calvus "Ink Fin" M/F have not spawned yet
2 Altolamp. Comp. "Goldface" M/F no spawning yet
2 Altolamp. Comp. Yellow M/F breeding and moving soon to seperate tank.

3 Yellow Labs 1M/2F breeding and providing food for others
1 Albino Tropheops "Red Cheek"

2 Australian Rainbows M/F
2 Pink Rainbows M/F
1 Dwafr Neon Rainbow

3 Arulius Barbs 1 M and 1 F for sure, 1 unknown looks M.

4 Clown Loaches
2 Yo-Yo's

Syno. Eurpetus
Syno. Ocefellier
Striped Raphael

1 M Dwarf BN
1 F Dwarf Albino BN
1 L190
1 L104

1300 Gallon Water Garden
AquascapePRO System 17X9
Gravel Lined and all plants directly planted into substrate.
Skimmer with 8"  weir
Standard Bio-Falls (Appox. 60 gal.) with Matala Mats
NurseryPRO 4500 gph pump
4 Different types of Hardy Lily
24 Differnet types of Marginal Plants
Water Hyacinth used in filter
Water Lettuce annual floater

25 Goldfish
Mostly Sarrasa, Shubunkin, and a few comets.
1 Albino Channel Cat
1 Mutt Koi bought it thinking it was a Shub.
various microfauna and inverts

24 JBJ Nano
Soon to house Pair of Yellow Comps.  

1300 gal. Water Garden
110 Tanganyikan with many, many dithers
24 JBJ Nano Soon to be for Yellow Comp. pair.
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