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dbrummitt's stock list

10 years 4 months ago #17914 by dragonkeeper
Replied by dragonkeeper on topic dbrummitt's stock list
Quite the list you got there man.

How many tanks are you running?


~Retired President~

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10 years 4 months ago #17886 by dbrummitt
Here is my current stock list:


7x 4-Male 3-Female Placidochromis Phenochilus "Tanzania"
2x 1-Male 1-Female Pundamilia Nyererei "Makobe"
4x 1-Male 3-Female Melanochromis Labrosis
5x 2-Male 3-Female Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi "Eureka Red"
5x 1-Male 4-Female Christmas Fulu
4x 1-Male 3-Female Psuedotropheus Polit
12x 5-Male 7-Female Orthopharnx Lithobates "Zimbabwe Rocks"
12x 4-Male 8-Female Aulonocara Sp. "Lwanda"
3x 1-Male 2-Female Lapidiolamprologus Hecqui
2x 1-Male 1-Female Lamprologus Lelupi
2x 1-Male 1-Female Ancistrus Sp. "Temeniki"
2x 1-Male 1-Female F0 Astatotilapia Burtoni-Burundi (The yellow variety)
17x 6-Male 11-Female F1 Astatotilapia Burtoni-Burundi
7x 2-Male 5-Female Psuedocrenalibrus Nicholsi
7x 3-Male 4-Female F1 Psuedotropheus Acei "Ngara" White Tail
12x 4-Male 8-Female Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi "Lemon Jake" Albino
6x 1-Male 5-Female F1 Ptyochromis Salmon
2x 1-Male 1-Female Telematochromis Dhonti
6x 1-Male 2-Female 3-? Telematochromis Sp. "Temporalis Shell"
2x 1-Male 1-Female Julidichromis Transcriptus-Kissi
2x 1-Male 1-Female Thysochromis Ansorgi
2x 1-Male 1-Female Julidichromis Marlieri
2x 1-Male 1-Female Herychthis Cyanoguttatus
5x 3-Male 2-Female F1 Pundamilia Nyererei "Red" Mwanza
7x 1-Male 6-Female Astatotilapia Latisfasciata "Zebra Obliquiden"
7x 2-Male 5-Female Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi "Lemon Jake"
3x 1-Male 2-Female Haplochromis Sp. "Purple Princess"
7x 2-Male 5-Female Protemelas Taen. "Tangerine Tiger"
8x 5-Male 3-Female Buccochromis Natotaenia
8x 2-Male 6-Female Labidochromis Caeruleus
1x Buffalo Head
2x 2-Male Astatotilapia Aeonocolor
11x 2-Male 3-Female 6-? F1 Amphilophus Festae
1x 1-Male Psuedotropheus Greshokei Albino
3x 2-Male 1-Female F0 Sterbai Cory Cats
4x 2-Male 2-Female Synodontis Nigroventris (Upside Down Catfish)

5x Gymnogeophagus Labiatus Rio Olmar
12x Aulonocara Sp. "Fire Fish", German Strain
7x Gephyrochromis Moori
12x Pyxichromis Orthostoma-Nawam
40x Hyph. Nicaraguensis
8x Chilotilapia Euchilles

16x F2 Astatotilapia Burtoni-Burundi
20+x F2 Pundamilia Nyererei "Red" Mwanza
25x Telematochromis Dhonti
14x Lapidiolamprologus Hecqui
20x Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi "Eureka Red"
6x Labidochromis Cearuleus
25x Astatotilapia Latisfasciata
60x Pundamilia Nyererei "red" Mwanza
5x Christmas Fulu
5x Psuedotropheus Polit
8x Ptyochromis Salmon
12x Psuedotropheus Demasoni
9x Ptychromis Salmon

2x Synodontis Eupterus
2x Synodontis Greshoffi
10x Green Cory's
1x Green phantom pleco
2x Albino Bushy Nose
100+ Brown Bushy Nose

Thats the current list: Dustin B.

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