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That is a great setup, and I also had a danio that woouldn't die, so I let it die naturaly and not freezing it or boiling it or asny other way to kill them.  Instead I kept it and it made an apealling collection in my aquarium with guppies.

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11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 1 week ago #14842 by madzarembski
Hi All

Julidichromus Trancriptus Bemba (Jason adams)
Neolamprologous Multifaciatus (Wilpir)
Cypochromis Leptosoma Utinta (Jason Adams)

Cental American:
Thorichthys Maculinpinnis (Kevin Erickson)
Archocentrus Cutteri (Fish Lady)

South American:
Laetacara spp buckelhopf  Now named Laetacara araguaiae"WC" (Atlantis)
Guinanacara Sphenozona (Jeff Michaels)
Apistogramma Caucatoides "Double Red"
Aquidens Pulcher ( AA)

Gymnogeophagus Rio Olimar (John Oyer)
Gymnogeophagus "El Norte" F1 Spencer Jack (John Oyer)

West African
A Thomasi (added 12/3/2008) (AA)
A Thomasi Wild ( Jeff Michels) 2/8/2009

Buenos Aires Tetras

Thanks for looking. If any one has any female  Laetacara spp buckelhopf they don't want, please contact me.

75, 2 x55, 3 x20 long, 4 x20 high, 15, 2 x10, and a 5 1/2

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