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newworlds list

11 years 6 months ago #15759 by
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Yoiu have a huge list of Aquariums and Fish, that's awesome.

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12 years 3 weeks ago - 8 years 10 months ago #10493 by newworld
newworlds list was created by newworld
UPDATE: 8/11

100 stocktank- giant gourami, m. estherae f2 breeding, calico convicts breeding, extra male wild a.  prob. amarillo "xiloa"
500  stocktank- t. mossambicus "natural form" breeding, wild a. citrinellus "lake nicaragua", blue goodeids, wild a. sp. rio mongo
75-wild a.  prob. amarillo "xiloa" breeding, ,albino bristlenose plecos breeding, redtail botias
75- wild p. managuense "apoyo"breeding
20- calico convicts breeding
55- m. callianos ob, n. brevis breeding,  wild/f1 a. sp. rio mongo breeding, bristlenose pleco
55- wild convicts "lake nicaragua, granada" breeding, dwarf bristlenose plecos, f1 honduras livebearer gilli?
29- clawed frogs breeding, extra male coatepeque "convicts", female calico convicts
110- peru altum angels, wild IIopango "convict" pair, asst plecos
15- cabayo "convicts"
33- coatepeque "convicts" breeding
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