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Rules and Guidance for using the GCCA Forum

12 years 2 months ago #272 by forumadmin
Although our user policy spells out in some detail the rules for our forum, I want everyone to have access to this easy-to-read version as a reminder.
  • Do not use sexual, discriminatory, hateful or vulgar language on the forum. Children visit this site and GCCA wishes our forum to be a safe place for all site visitors.

  • Do not use our Forum to sell fish, plants, equipment, etc. Please use the free GCCA Classifieds to sell your items at http://www.gcca.net/gccaforum/index.php/topic,10.0.html

  • Do not "flame" other members. Yours is not the only opinion that counts. And yes, there happens to be more than one way to keep fish.

  • Do not "flame" aquarium manufacturers or area pet shops. These firms support GCCA with donations and advertising dollars. While you can certainly express your opinion, please do so tactfully. While you may loath Brand A, you will find that many other will like Brand A

  • The GCCA Forum is primarily an extension of GCCA's Mission Statement. Our club is "dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of information relating to the biology of the fishes in the family Cichlidae, with particular emphasis on maintenance and breeding in captivity." While we can appreciate that you are into killifish or livebearers, keep your conversation primarily cichlid-focused. You may post about other fish in our non-cichlid section at http://www.gcca.net/gccaforum/index.php/board,15.0.html

Thanks -- The GCCA Forum Team

Your friendly, neighborhood Forum Admin

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