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i noticed that greenwater had their auction the same day as ours. i didnt want to say anything about it though. i havent been to anything of theirs but from the look of their website it appears as if the club is in pretty bad shape. i dont know, and i shouldnt judge a book by its cover because the cover might suck.

i also would say the same thing about the milwaukee fish club. one of our last swaps was the same day as theirs. i also notice we have not had some vendors as we used to because many came from Wisconsin, but now go to milwaukee events.

if there was only a was to get all 3 groups to work together to have events on different days. if all 3 groups could do this there could be more participation in all societies. i would like to attend a greenwater auction sometime, i also wouldnt mind a road trip to milwaukee with a few guys to one of their events as well.

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what about having more auctions like in the past and not have auctions on the same day as greenwater, both clubs have to work this out having auctions on the same day is just a member of the gcca i also like to go to greenwater auctions i am not alone here...

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