The swaps are a madhouse, we need to change this IMHO

12 years 2 weeks ago #2192 by sawboy2
I also noticed the last swap was a mob scene.  I agree it was due to the LONG time since the previous one.  However,  even the 2 before that wer crowded.

I have a few suggestions:

1.  A larger room.  Not huge,  but say another few hundred square feet.  This extra space will not be occupied,  but will allow for larger aisles so that people can move more freely.  Much of the problem is waiting for a "lane change"

2.  Limit the vendors to selling actual fish stuff.  The last two had 2 people selling jewelery trinkets!  If I want that garbage,  I will go to a flea market.  This is a fish swap.

3.  This one is tricky,  since I would think that we are motivated to be family oriented.  But the people with the big arse strollers are really in the way.  Maybe a polite note about lack of room,  foot traffic etc would help.  I certainly don't want to dissuade families from coming,  rather I would encourage it,  but maybe a gentle note can help.

3a. Enough with the huge backpacks.  You are indoors,  not on a hike up Mt Everest.  You can't possibly need that huge thing which every time you turn,  bumps into 3 people!

4. Increase the frequency of the swaps. 

Just some ideas.  I really enjoy the swaps,  but did find myself leaving early at the last two bacause I was tired of being bumped into by everyone.

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12 years 2 weeks ago #2182 by Jack
There was a lot of time between swaps.  That could account for the mass of people.  Maybe having them more often?

Got Dempseys??? Check out:

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12 years 2 weeks ago #2179 by Joefish
The last few swaps we have left before even getting started in the room. there are so many people and the mass amount of rude ones out weigh the polite ones,

what if we do them more often to lessen the load of people? there is nothing worse then standing in line to buy a ticket, and then be rushed out of the way when they open the doors to a line of rude folks who feel there is a sale in WII's or something.

i know quite a few people who wont even go anymore because of this.

now if it comes down to $$ to make this happin, then i would be more then happy to pay the $1 a ad for the featured at the top of ad listings etc.

but IMHO something needs to change to reduce the volume of people, even if it means a larger place for more room, i am happy to see such a great turnout of people , thats great for GCCA and the hobby but we are packing them in.


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