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Swap Results - Whatca Get?

11 years 8 months ago #14852 by Kegger22
Replied by Kegger22 on topic Swap Results - Whatca Get?

Yeah we have had these for ever, could not sell em, until LAST NIGHT!!!!!


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11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 8 months ago #14850 by nuth88
Well, my day started really saturday, went to pick up 2 pair of Nics for Repair. When there the guy was giving away marble convicts, so I picked up what I asked for was 4-5 males, got 7, of course some females were mixed, oh well, gen pop, Then today I woke up early and bucketed Repair’s fish (See Candyland) took 3 buckets, and cleared out the 75 for the Tams to come, then The Dude and SuperCichlid show up and bring the next residents of Gen Pop II


& for the 75


Put em in and of course, the GD Dwarf Pike try to engulf the smaller of the group, Ill have to watch that, but as of 6:52 pm, no losses, just some nipped fins, Then I hop in the Caliber and head off to the GCCA, get there and See the following folks:

The Dude
Shiloh Quincy

Not to mention the Usual suspects, Looking for Freddies right? Well I hear from Sam.B (nunchal man) that King Coral has about 14 of the perfect size! Freaking A! I’m gonna dash, but need to do some business, Josh set me up with my T-Shirt (The Dude/Walter ’08 – This aggression will not stand!) got to know “The Big Lewbowski” to get it. Then Shepp sets me up with some sweet Red Bull! We know I am an addict! He got me 2 cans when he went to china! I knew he was a solid brother! Then walk around, not much in the Ca/Sa New World arena. Some Red Points, some Snooks, but lots of Plecos, and “Hurrah” 2x-Bags of YoYo Loaches! Scooped up up for 6 a bag and now have added them to the stock in the 75, to now make the loach pop a strapping 16! (2x-Red Tail, 4x-Kubotia, 10x-YoYo) I need more! I need more Loaches! Sweet! Step over and see Kegger and Good Old Bob (Sawboy) and Bob has these sweet syno eruptus! I like em, but can’t blow my load, when I need to go to King Coral and get Freddies, so Bob cuts me a deal and I score 3x-HUGE Syno Eruptus for 30 Bob says, I give him 40, as I can not steal from a friend! I give 1 of the 3 to my kids boyfriend, he is a good guy and likes new world, so 2 go into Gen Pop II and he gets the other! See Ric Perez, say hello to a few and off to King Coral! I am such a Mo! (My kid tells me that, as I am geeking at the thought of Juvi Freddies), walk in, see the other Sam and look around, no freddies, ***? Oh, these? Yeah we have had these for ever, could not sell em, until LAST NIGHT!!!!! They sold 14 – 2-4” Freddies (Perfect GD size!) the night before! God hates me I decide! Not a total loss, I picked up 4x-H.carpintis, 2x-Hybrid Synos (Called Zebras Synos? But Spotted!) and 2x-V.fenestratus (1 for the kid and 1 for the 75), Shep gets some sweet Lucious Pike and I say my good byes. Total:

7x-A.nigrofactus (Marbled)
6x-Botia almorhae (YoYo Loach)
3x-Syno Eupterus
2x-Syno Hybrid (Zebras??)

Thanks to all my buds I saw! Thanks to the GCCA, I spent $105 bucks and am exstatic! Now (This week) to clean the 45, set up the 30 for my Gymnos, and set the 10 back up for my lone remaining Izzy. Ill have the 45 to GO something! Hmmmmm, what could I do?


Is it wrong, That I missed Mikey.G? I had a dollar for him, but since he did not show, I had to spend it! Where is BaldTaxMan?? Sam, I have put your Bottle Opener away for you man!

"I guess that's the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself."

(The Stranger - 6/1998)
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