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Algae Problem

6 years 3 months ago #34457 by JimmyS
Replied by JimmyS on topic Algae Problem
A quick Google search got me to these pages that might help



from what I have quickly read it seems like the cause could be from silicates that seem to be found in tap ground water and also in some substrates. Cleaning, water changes more oxygen and some time of Pleco seem to be the common solutions. Good luck I hope these links further answer your question.

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6 years 3 months ago #34456 by benthic
Replied by benthic on topic Algae Problem
I have had the same issue with this type of algae in my African cichlid fry tank. The tank has never been loaded with it, but it randomly pops up on rocks, glass, and décor. Here are my observations-

It appears to begin as a red dot which grows outward in a circular shape from the center. I have let a single area of algae grow to about the size of a quarter before scrubbing it off. I assume that the circular shaped algae would have kept expanding had I not removed it. There appears to be some free floating stage to the algae as it will randomly start popping up around the tank despite removing all covered décor and scrubbing the glass to remove the algae. I have removed rockwork from the tank for a week and then placed it back in the tank and it appears that the algae continues to grow from the same location. My tank receives a lot of light 12 hours a day and the water is nutrient rich due to heavy feeding. There is no ammonia present and nitrites and nitrates are within normal levels. The algae is very difficult to scrub off with a no-scratch scouring pad. My concern is that I have had fish slowly start to die off in this tank each time this algae appears. These were healthy fry that were eating well that started to loose some coloration and then started to die off. When I emptied the tank cleaned it out and restarted it with a new filter the algae reappeared with the same consequences.

Right now I'm theorizing that this algae might put off some toxins. Beware. Like Mike said, putting décor out in the sun may be most effective at killing the algae. UV light can be very powerful. I have not even seen bleach and vinegar be 100% effective.

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6 years 3 months ago #34455 by mikeg2929
Replied by mikeg2929 on topic Algae Problem
Red algae is typically found in salt water tanks. I dont recall seeing it in fresh water tanks.

Algae grows when there is too much light and too much nutrients. Cut back on the food, the quantity of fish, and the light.

I had a nasty bought of algae once and I covered the tank in a tarp for weeks. I also took out all of the rocks and set them in the summer sun.

If you have a sump, get some plants and light the sump - plants will compete with the algae for nutrients.

Red algae is not typical in fresh tanks - you may need to do some google research to figure this one out./

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6 years 3 months ago #34454 by GeriR
Algae Problem was created by GeriR
My tank is loaded with a reddish algae. How do I safely get rid of it? It's covering the rocks, power heads etc etc. I do a 80% water change weekly because the tank is overcrowded. Ammonia and Nitrite levels are 0. Nitrate level is always on the high side. Is there anything I can do besides taking everything out piece by piece and cleaning it all. Thanks for any help

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