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GCCA Forum Word Censor Filter: What and Why

11 years 8 months ago #1277 by forumadmin
Please refer to the following regarding GCCA's banning of certain words on our forum.

What is censored or banned?
Our forum software has been set up by us to censor the following categories of words:
- Profanity (common swear words)
- Inflammatory (religious or gender related slurs)
- Crude (references to body parts)

In all, we filter out about 100 different words.

Why do you censor language on the forum?

GCCA is a family organization. Our forum is used by kids as young as 8 or 9 years old. We do not want kids exposed to language which parents may find objectionable.

How does censoring work on the forum?
Posts or replies which contain a censored word are replaced with the equivalent number of asterisks.

How do I know if a word is censored?
When posting or replying, click the Preview button. Any censored words will appears as asterisks. For example, a very bad word that begins with "f" contained in a post would display as ****.

What if I find a word that should be banned?

Please send a private message to a Forum Administrator.

Are private messages censored?
Yes. Our software filters all censored words in posts and messages, whether private or public.

I think your policies are unfair.
If enough users let us know that an individual word should not be banned, we will consider "unbanning" it. However, we encourage you to find ways to express yourself using acceptable words. Be creative and we are sure you can get your point across just fine!

Your friendly, neighborhood Forum Admin
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