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Changing over from Tropical to Cichlids? Many questions

5 years 2 months ago #35442 by blue-sun

This is my first post here. I've currently got a 75G tank stocked with some freshwater fish, 4 Colombian Tetra's, a GloFish Tetra (roughly the same size as the Colombian Tetras)) 2 danios, a common pleco and a cory catfish. We're thinking of changing the tank over to a Cichlid tank. I'm not sure if we want to go with African or South American yet, still doing research.

Which, if any, of our tropical fish can we keep in the tank if we do switch over? One of the Colombian Tetras seems to be pretty aggressive and is the dominate one. If the Cichlids are young and small enough, would they be ok in the same tank as the Colombians? What about the Cory and Plecos? I'm assuming the danios, since they are pretty small, would be easy prey for the cichlids, so we'd probably try and find a home for them, possibly in my 15G shrimp tank if push comes to shove.

Now, about the water in the tank, what's the best way to get the PH to the correct Cichlid level? Crushed coral in the back of the HOB filters? I'm not a fan of the HOB's that we currently have, Emperor 400's, they are very loud, so I'm thinking of going with a Canister filter instead. I like the Fluvals from the research I've done, they seem to be pretty popular. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, links to other threads and resources for a noobie to the cichlid world are appreciated.

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