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Impressions of GCCA auction

12 years 6 months ago #3310 by aquaticclarity
I enjoyed myself Sunday, and I HATE auctions.  The fish I want are just too few and far between in an auction setting.  Just the nature of keeping and seeking odd ball and more expensive fish!  This time though I was after bread and butter fish to stock several maintance tanks so I could bid a little more often. 

And complaining about people who were paying too much for fish???  Is that because YOU didn't get the deal that you wanted?  The prices were high, a great thing for the club and the sellers.  The bidders determine the prices by bidding, so the fish were selling for the market price.  It just caused me to stay MUCH later then I had intended...to the bitter end in fact...until the prices came down.  (That's O.K. I got to spend some of the time playing auctioneer-thanks for putting up with me!)  Complaining about the prices saying they are too high and blaming the GCCA is ridiculous!  Your own bidding drove the prices higher.  Blame yourself!  And who cares about the frogs.  Didn't they get moved up via the priority system and sell for big bucks???  Just because you didn't want them doesn't mean a bunch of other people felt the same way.  In the end the GCCA and the sellers benefit from the higher then average prices and isn't that a good thing?  And one more great cause and effect: Higher average selling prices at this auction will lead to a wider selection of fish at the next auction.

If you want inexpensive fish and a huge variety of fish (not just cichlids) and plants come up to Milwaukee on March 16th.  It's a much smaller venue, 400-600 bags average and an average high of under 200 buyers through out the day.  Starts at noon and is usually done by 5.  The club even runs a separate dry goods table (tanks, filters, fish food, huge selection of driftwood)  A lot of fun and not as long of a day.  Not to be critical of my own clubs auction...but be thankful the GCCA has such a huge draw of both buyers and sellers and does such a great job running a gigantic auction!  MAS hopes to reach these levels some day and have the same headaches of huge turn out and high selling prices!


Too many fish?  Never.  Not enough tanks?  Always!

My fish list...



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12 years 6 months ago #3307 by 1fishgeek
Sorry there are two items I forgot: SA & CA have a group of Cichlids they are called old world we can not exclude them from our auctions, nor do we want to. As some of you may not like them they include the high desired Discus and Angel fish familys.

Also, the room size. We had booked the Paramont and at the 11th hour we were switched to the Arlington B & C rooms that are a little bigger. This happened to be in our favor since We needed to bring in more chairs than the 250 that were there. When we are cramped closer the auction attendee have a harder time hearing the auctioneer over the conversation behind them and the noice of the viewing people. I hate to think that we would require two separtate rooms, Oh NOT GOING TO HAPPEN,

If anyone feels they want to talk directly to me not on the fourm format, about how we can improve our auctions, please e-mail me at 1fishgeek@comcast.net or contact me at any GCCA meeting or event. I am allway open for suggestions and new vollenteers.

Thank again
Don Weger
Auction Chairman

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12 years 6 months ago #3299 by newworld
Replied by newworld on topic Impressions of GCCA auction
as a member and avid auction goer, it was a pleasant experience talking with the guys and the auction had with a nice variety of cichlids, yes i am a newworld guy but i can't complain if there isn't alot of them in the auction, people bring what they bring, for the most part it was a sellers auction you can't control what people will want and what they will pay for it, i'm glad on what i brought and what i bought....

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12 years 6 months ago #3297 by goat585
Replied by goat585 on topic Impressions of GCCA auction
I have been attending the auctions for many years.  I am not a club member but I am a club vice president for a saltwater club.
Personally I do not like auctions but I like to go up there to see friends in the hobby.  I must say the GCCA does a great job with all of its events that it throws.  You have no idea how difficult it is to arrange events like this until you do it yourself.  There are always going to be flaws with the events and is mostly to due to the lack of volunteers.  I think it is great that the GCCA has a forum now so that suggestions can be made and have a local place to ask questions. This club has done wonders for the local aquarium hobby.  I can not imagine how bad the local aquarium scene would be without this club.

Thank you to all the volunteers of the GCCA for making auctions,swaps and club events possible.

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12 years 6 months ago #3296 by 1fishgeek
Well you'll find I'm a good listener and take in alot before I respond, just my nature I guess. But. now its time to respond.

First, I would like to thank you Rick B for devoloping a fourm like this so I can get the opperunity get see repsonance of how people liked or disliked the auction. In the past I did not know if we where doing a good job or not, we all went home and never really heard anything good or bad. Also would like to thank all that replyed good or bad because thats we can't improve if we don't make mistakes.

Second, there was a few bags that I moved out of color less than five becuse the fish were not going to make it sitting on the back table much longer. There were also two bags that were came in late after the second color was drawn that I moved up to the auctioneer. They had very large fish in very small bags that I thought, would not last to the end of the auction. I worked the front table all day and returned any color that was brought up front misstakenly. We were very consistant with what color went first.

Third, agree with you about placing bags that come in first should go first. At the next auction I will try a new system to put the bag that com ti first a t the front of the tables at load the tables in reverse, and see to this works. However, since we allow open viewing I can not expect once a bags is placed on the table that it will stay in the same place onces someone has picked it up and re placed it down.

Forth, I let the frogs in, I interped the rules as five non-cichled items no dry-goods no plants. I will have the BOD reveiw this matter and make changes as neccessary.

Fifth, we have had thing walk the past, so we have had to step up securty and they do a great job. we detured two at this auction. One bought a prioty sticker said he'd walk it front and proceeded to walk it right out the door he was stopped and the bagreturned. So it does happen.

Inconclusion I would like to thank all the vollenteers that help at this aucton I thought you all did a great job Im proud of each every of you. I know we are all vollenteers, but at functions like this sometimes its easy to forget.
Finally, Rick, you really need to add spell check to this fourm
Thanks Don Weger
Auction Chairman

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12 years 6 months ago #3291 by dragonkeeper

I was the main check in person and guard for the viewing area. I think I may be able to shed some light on what you saw.

In the beginning the bags were separated by color onto 4 tables. First color to go was red. When that table was completely empty and we began on yellow we moves some of the blue bags over to what was the red table. We did this to spread out  a little so people could see what was available. We did this with green as well. This was probably what you were seeing as our cart person was taking bags from different tables but still the same color.

You are not insane. You definatly saw what you saw. Its just we moved some bags around to make things easier on the viewers. The only color mixing would have been at the auction table in the form of priority bags being hurried up. I for one remember bringing up about 5 priority bags with 4 different colors involved in them.

Hope this helps clear a few things up.


~Retired President~

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12 years 6 months ago #3290 by Finnegan@large
Rod's bid was resolved because I put it on my number.  An exception was not made for him.

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12 years 6 months ago - 12 years 6 months ago #3286 by rm-slover
The round man i was referring to was on the left side of the room when looking out from the auctioneers table. Him and his buddy always wear University of Illinois sweatshirts to everything. i only see them at the auctions and the swaps.

i didnt know the two guys either, but i have seen them at auctions and the swaps (only as buyers). And if rod won something and didnt have a number, if i noticed it i would have put it on my number.

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12 years 6 months ago #3280 by
Replied by on topic Impressions of GCCA auction
I think what you may be missing about the time when the two guys were not permitted to bid without a number was that we were trying a new system where we were entering the info immediatly upon it being sold.  No number no entry.  Furthermore, I think Rick knows Rod and he doesn't know (nor did I) the other two guys.  If you know the guys first name i is easy to follow up a few minutes later.  If you dont - "uhh the guy who won bag 143-5 was wearing a balck coat" how to keep trck of it?  The truth is - being a known member has its benefits.  99% of the folsk had numbers when they bid. 

As far as folks talking to volunteers - the nerve of those guys.  Really, stunning display of human interaction.  I was really peeved when i saw a couple of volunteers take a break and go get lunch.  A couple of the volunteers when home to have dinner and help their kids do their homework.  One guy, a complete volunteer sucking black hole, even went home and coached a basketball game for his daughter.  The Nerve.  Why they weren't there guaranteeing your enjoyment is beyond me. :)

Like I said - you'll be missed.  Anyone who we lose is a loss.  We are missing out on your volunteering to work an auction or a swap, to make the club better, to share in your friendship, to sell your fish to our members at no cost to you, etc.

It's just fish.  It is free.  If you think you can do better and fix the issues that you see - step up and change it.  Believe me - the volunteers will welcome your assitance.

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12 years 6 months ago #3279 by Kegger22

i was in a bidding war with this rather round man who was drinking beer all day for every bag of small julies that came up.

hey now, that wasn't me, I was being good all day ;D
now that I think of it, I didn't even have one after I got home, was too busy trying to figure out which tanks I was gonna use for another group, by the time I figured out where everything was going and got them there I was wiped out since I was up at 3 that morning trying to get my water changes donebefore I went to the auction so I was wiped out

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