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Greenwater auction this Sunday

11 years 4 months ago #13597 by Tolak
  Hey folks, back again.

  Mikeg2929;  Yea, Drew keeping fish.  It would be nice if some celebrity in the spotlight did start keeping fish, this could really bring the aquatics hobby to a new level, as long as it wasn’t a celebrity like OJ.

  Trying to move the bags by what they will go for is a bit tricky, sometimes a group of buyers will show up after a couple of hours that are interested in guppys, you try to get more of them sold.  I’ve seen a couple of times where one gentleman, who I’m almost certain has a shop or commercial outlet, is interested in nothing but angels.  That is when you start moving angels.  You also have to try to keep a happy balance with the other buyers, who are looking for other things.  If a family guy with wife & kids in tow just bought a bare tank, you try putting the gravel, decorations, or other hardware up.  Sometimes at a busy auction like we just had you are trying to move items as fast as possible, in order to get home the same day you left.

  We do our best to run a fair auction, as I stated, there is a real value to having a day with little or no problems when it runs that long.

  I’m no big Sox fan, I think they lasted all of 3 days longer than the Cubs.  Glad to see you have a sense of humor, no offense taken whatsoever.  Now the Bears, I think we missed a really good game due to the auction, wish someone had recorded it for me.

  Dgarnier;  I think you have a bit of a misunderstanding as to how our auctions are run.  Let me try to eliminate this cf for you.  You come in the door with your items for sale, are given a seller sheet to fill out.  You are then given an item list sheet, with 2 or 3 letters specific to your items.  You list the items in any sequence that is best for you.  Each item has a number in sequence.  This is not the sequence they are auctioned in.

  You are then checked in by a club member, just to make sure the number of items, and the number listed corresponds.  After this you are given colored dots, 3 different colors, 1/3 of each color for the number of bags you have.  In your case you would have gotten 2 dots of each of the 3 colors.

  It is up to the seller to put the dots on the items they would like to have on each of the tables.  It is completely guaranteed that your first 1/3 of the items you have for sale will be sold during the first 1/3 of the auction, the second 1/3 of the items during the second 1/3 of the auction, the third 1/3 of the items during the final 1/3 of the auction. 

  The sequence of how each item goes off of each set of tables is what is determined in part by what is selling good, and what may sell good.  We certainly do not want to see expensive fish get sold under price, that is not good for the seller, nor our club.  You may also be seeing a case of the bidders present not knowing the value of the fish.  I had that at an auction a couple of years back, green aeneus corys were consistently selling for more than pairs of cacatouides, go figure.  Sale prices will fluctuate during an auction, as new bidders arrive, and are looking for something in particular, or bid up on what they think is one of the final bags of a certain desired species.  Go to enough auctions and you will see how that happens.

  This is an all species auction, at times more common species will sell better than more rare, and at times unheard of species.  It helps to attend the different auctions as a buyer a couple of times before you decide to sell, this way you can bring items that are more likely to sell well when you do want to sell.  I didn’t bring any angels to our auction for this reason.

  Yes, we were breaking the room down early, we all have families to go home to, and jobs we are expected to be at the next morning.  There were plenty of chairs left for everyone, if they just came back in, turned around & left they forgot their ID.

  Yes, auctions sometimes run long, longer than many would like.  We have had a few that ran closer to 9pm, pretty long day, but good for the club.  I understand GCCA has had a few that hit midnight in past years, that is brutal.  Enacting rules such as bag & species limits helps shorten the day, but also makes for a smaller auction crowd, the result usually being less money for the club and seller alike.

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11 years 4 months ago #13574 by dgarnier
Seems we now have a third order that bags are brought up in, no wonder why it seems to be a cf.  I did only have 6 bags, but all 6 came up in what appered to be the last third of the table.  Keggers had 10 or so bags and experinced the same thing, but his first 4 or 5 bags all sent for 12 - 16$.  So if items where brought up in oder by the price they get, the second half of his fish should be been up sooner rather then later.  As it turned out he ended up buying back a few of his own fish, and I tried to do the same but my bid was missed.  I didnt think there would be a chance that 3 2.5 -3" bachardi would only got for 2$.

So I guess the bottom line if you have cichlids that are not ahli or lemon yellows you might want to skip the GW.  If you have guppies, sword tails, plecos, angles  GW auction it a good place to move your fish.

As for the prices getting better as the day went on, I didnt see that happening.  But I did see the room getting broken down before the auction was over, heck they were only about half way done with the third table.  I did see 2 people leave becuse the chairs were put away while they went out for a smoke.

Once agian it seems the main factor here was the auction ran too long.

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11 years 4 months ago #13572 by
Replied by on topic Greenwater auction this Sunday
Drew keeps fishes?  Thats good news.  i am a little surprised to see that you guys select the order based upon how much it will go for.  That seems like a tough job - i have seen bags of a no name peacock that you would think would go for $1 go for a ton and bags of tropheus go for a buck. 

Sounds like you guys try and runa  fair, quality auction.  Sounds good.  I'm going to try and make on sometimes.

As far as the southside comments go - just poking - BTW I have sox tix - no fan of the cubs.

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11 years 4 months ago #13570 by Tolak
  Glad y’all had yourselves a real good time there buying our junk!  :)

  Seriously now, a few clarifications, comments, and questions.

Sawboy; Glad you’re enjoying those cats, I got them last spring, I believe at the auction in Elkhart In.  I’m wondering if you could expand on the “oddities” thing, perhaps I could offer an explanation.  I’ve got a pretty good idea who the Schneider character is who you are referring to, I’m the guy who was slinging tanks & looks more like Drew Cary.  Cecil B DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” is epic, if you can pull something of that proportion off at one of our auctions, be sure to contact me first, I certainly want to be there!

  Dgarnier;  Yea, some people bring in what others would consider junk.  I’m sure you have some things around your house that I would consider junk, and equally sure I own things you would consider junk.  I’m sure there were things at that auction we would both consider junk, but perhaps to the buyer it is something they were looking for.  As far as the format difference, we recently set up a printable form on our site that is formatted slightly different than the one which had been in use for years, that is the only difference.  I printed mine out at home, I could have gotten one there, and nothing would go any different with the sale of my items.

  Whoever told you the bags are auctioned in the order they are placed on the table is incorrect.  They are mainly auctioned in the order that will bring the best price, thus the club the best money.  There is also a bit of common sense taken into account, if someone has ten bags of breeding colonies of zebra plecs on the first table they will not be the first items sold, nor will they all be sold one after another.  Just by guesstimating we had at least 300 bags on that first table, how many bags on that table were yours?  We generally move 100 bags per hour, on average, the first table ended about 3:30.

  I know I’m going to have some members of our club who disagree with me on this one, but whoever told you that if you don’t like it don’t come back was wrong.  The auction chair, to my knowledge, does not think that way either.  With any event of any decent size you are going to have some discrepancies and/or misunderstandings.  It’s too easy to say screw you, don’t come back.  It takes more work to figure out the origin of the problem, find out how it occurred, come to a resolution that is hopefully agreeable to everyone involved, learn from this and use it to everyone’s advantage at future events.  This is the right thing to do, and as nearly always the right thing to do is not the easy thing to do.  As far as the chair of this auction, past or future auctions, they have the support of me, as well as most other members, even if I/we don’t agree with their decisions at times.  This is called respect; something this world needs more of.

  Rm_slover;  Members items are not taken ahead of non-members items, the end result of this sort of thing would be nothing but club members selling to nothing but other club members.  As stated, auction items are brought up in an order that would benefit the club the most.  Our system is a 3 table system, sellers are given color dots for each 1/3 of the items they sell.  Which table they put them on is their choice.  I personally saw a club member’s discus, dollar+ body size, go up at 2:30, another at 2:55.  I was back by the registration table towards the end of the first table, went to grab another sandwich, and decided to do a quick member/non-member inventory.  Guess what, out of 10 bags on the table, 6 belonged to members, 4 to non-members, sounds like an even split to me.

  Tori;  That piece of wood resembled a broken boat oar someone went manic on with a router.  I wonder if it will sink, even with the large slate as an anchor.  Sorry sawboy, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, enjoy those bees though.  I agree with too many angels, I usually breed them, and had plenty on hand.  I didn’t bring a single one, there are always plenty of angels at our auctions.

  Dgarnier;  If your third bag didn’t come up until 6pm, it was on the second table.  This tells me you had 2 bags on the first table, and 5 or 6 bags total.  Do the math, if we had the first table with at least 300 items run until 3:30, there would be about the same number of items on the second table, taking about the same amount of time.  This means that your first bag would, on average go somewhere during the first half of that table, the second somewhere near the second.  Sometimes they go off earlier, sometimes later, luck of the draw.  I’ve had both happen, it does average out.  I brought 21 items, 4 of which went on the kids table.  I know one of my items on the second table went off towards the very end.  Want to increase the odds of one of your items going off sooner?  Bring more items.  I really don’t worry too much about when my items go off, that isn’t often a predictor of best price.  Too many times I’ve seen my fish go for a song, only to bring a better price an hour or two later, same fish.  The difference?  Some new buyers came in with money to burn.

  Once again, the sequence is determined more by the price items are going for more than anything else.  Nobody back there has the time to scrutinize each item, the tags aren’t really looked at, the fish in the bag are.  It sounds like you have been at outside auctions, if you have you will notice that the first ½ hour to hour prices aren’t really that great, often better the second hour.  This is the problem with priority tables, and often a problem with the first table when a 10 table system is used. 

  Whoever crammed 10 angels that size into a bag that should hold 3-4 needs a good slap, and there is no telling when they were bagged.  Some sellers will bag items the night, or even the day before the auction, this is something that can be a little touchy, even when done properly. I do not agree with this practice, I wake up way early to start bagging fish.  Concerning those angels the seller loses, the club loses, and the biggest loser is the fish.  That bag could have gone off hours earlier, the fish would not have made it home alive.  Some people are plain stupid.

  Mikeg2929;  Southsiders eh?  Piece of what?  Sleep where?  Hey funny guy!  What’s the difference between the World Series & a female bear?  The bear has cubs! 

  We do our best in Greenwater to be an honest club that is really out for nothing more than having a good time, the common interest being aquatics.  We like to see everyone attending any of our events have an enjoyable time, with as little friction as possible.  Nobody gets rich off of buying, selling & breeding fish, or any of the supplies, including what many of us consider junk.  If anyone knows of a fish breeder on the Fortune 500 list please point them out to me, I really need to talk to them.

  Any other questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, or shots at southsiders fire away, I feel there is more we can clear up concerning all of the above, and there is always room for improvement.

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11 years 4 months ago #13509 by e.aquaria inc.
northsiders are just as bad :-

i was there mostly just to meet up with a few other guys and chit chat,
yeah alot of the stuff they have is considered junk by someone,but for some of those people that dont have alot of money and want to by it,thats the way to go
anyone who bought one of those "slate/wood" things,well you new someone made those things before you bought it just on looks alone

need a tanks drilled, or reconditioned the glass? yes I still do this

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11 years 4 months ago #13507 by
Replied by on topic Greenwater auction this Sunday
Thats why we stopped drygoods.  We had people bringing c rap that should be recycled - old sponges, filter plates without uplift tubes. 

Southsiders - what a piece of work :)

Dave - next time maybe you should invite those fellas out on the boat - let them sleep with the fishes....

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11 years 4 months ago #13506 by dgarnier
Also the auction started at noon, and my third bag didn't come up till after 6pm.  I now see why the club keeping the first buck of the auction price is key.  GW does a 70/30 split and minimum price is a buck.  So some one went out and put some rocks in a box and put a tag on it and it sold for a buck, and the sell made 70 cents.  Same thing for mags from 1962 and 80-82, junk that most people toss, was brought to the Green water auction, mean while they had lots of fish sitting on a table waiting to get auctioned off.  Then some time after 5pm the found a bag with 10 dead angles, no sure there was not much air in the bag, but why not auction the fish first and leave the junk till later.

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11 years 4 months ago #13505 by dgarnier
After you guys left there were 2 bag of kille fish, then some mag from 1967 followed by more kille fish

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11 years 4 months ago #13499 by Tori
Replied by Tori on topic Greenwater auction this Sunday
OMG, you MUST see this ridiculous piece of wood screwed to a piece of slate. It isn't even driftwood. Someone did a demolition project and decided to screw the scrap wood to some slate and sell it to Sawboy.
Donna and I just didn't see the beauty in it evidently.  ;D
I am jealous of the Bumblebee cats and UV sterilizer though~  I only got some heaters and food.

Waiting for the G*D D**N Killifish was torture, I couldn't take sitting there any longer. If I ever see another bag of Angelfish or Swordtails again I think I'll scream.

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11 years 4 months ago #13497 by rm-slover
That's kinda crappy that they take members stuff in front of anyone elses. at least with milwaukee all the stuff comes up in order of color and they told you the color order. The only thing with the milwaukee auction was there were so many plants they almost had to put a bag of plants between every bag of fish.

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