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GCCA election invitation

4 years 4 months ago #36368 by mikeg2929
Replied by mikeg2929 on topic GCCA election invitation
Wouldn't it be great if we had more than one member run for each spot? I'm certainly not an active member anymore, but the club is what you make of it.

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4 years 4 months ago #36364 by PhilandLeeAnn
Reminding anyone reading here that the club holds its annual election in June and presents a list of candidates in May. The club will be addressing some key issues next year including its ongoing review of the activities it will conduct for the following year. At present, most of the current Board members are still willing to retain their position with the exception of President and Vice President. I will not be a candidate for President due to my move to another city. Your current Vice President, Keith Knapp, has agreed to run for President. There is currently no Vice President candidate. and that position is important for any number of reasons including having a backup for the President if he is not available to run a meeting for health, travel or other reasons.

In terms of issues for next year, please be advised that I intend to see that the issue of the Cichlid Classic be reviewed by the next Board prior to committing to a Classic and a hotel. Last year, the Board voted to commit to the hotel for this year's Classic at the June meeting prior to elections. Due to the large amount of discussion and limited support I have observed as President, I am not willing to commit the GCCA to the hotel pursuant to Article 10, Section C of the GCCA Constitution (Documents committing the GCCA to a plan of action requiring the signature of both a member with Board authorization AND either the President or Vice President.)

There will be a final opportunity to submit your name for one of the offices from the floor at the June meeting prior to the election. All that is required is that you be 18 or older and have been a member in good standing for at least 6 months. It would be helpful if you can say something abuut your interests and what you bring to the table so members can make an informed decision.

Please consider running for any of the elected offices and notify the Board via E-mail or directly at our May meeting. The elected offices and their dutes (Yes, you will have responsibilities) are as follows according to the constitution:

Bylaw 2
Duties of Officers
The President shall preside at all general meetings, Executive Board meetings, and Board
of Directors meetings at which he is present, shall exercise general supervision over the
affairs and activities of the society, and shall serve as a member
ex-of.cio on all
committees except the nominating committee.
In addition, the President appoints all committee chairpersons, subject to the approval of
the Executive Board.
He also serves in any other capacity as required elsewhere in the Constitution and By-
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the
The Treasurer shall receive all society funds and keep them in a bank or repository
selected or approved by the Executive Board. Accurate records must be kept of all
monetary transactions. The Treasurer shall require a bill or signed voucher for all
disbursements and will issue receipts for all incoming funds. The Treasurer must present
a monthly financial report at each Board of Directors and general meeting. All records to
be audited annually within sixty (60) days of the July regular meeting and to be kept a
minimum of three (3) years.
Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall keep the original minutes in duplicate of all Board of
Directors, Executive and general meetings of the society, which shall be an accurate and
official record of all business transactions. One copy shall be retained by the President.
The Recording Secretary shall maintain a current membership list and all other records as
directed by the Board of Directors.
Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the society.
He/she shall communicate with donators and make three (3) copies of all donations
received. One copy will be filed with the President, one with the Sergeant-at-arms and
one shall be retained by the Corresponding Secretary. All donations and mail of the

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