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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #36053 by PhilandLeeAnn
The GCCA Board has decided to establish two temporary ad hoc / special project committees to analyze and prepare recommendations for action by the Board. In addition, we would also like to fill a permanent Board position that has been vacant, but would be very helpful if done well. Any GCCA member (including current and former Board members) would be welcome I would ask that anyone who might be interested be prepared to objectively put the needs of the club above any personal preferences or agendas.

Ad Hoc Committee : GCCA Constitution / By-Law Update. Last updated in 1995, the Board has identified a couple of areas where Constitutional and By-Law amendments would be straightforward / nearly unanimous and some other areas that would require the committee to objectively present the pros and cons. And there may be some things we haven't identified that could be brought to the Board's attention. This project contemplates amendments to the Constitution, not "reinventing the wheel."

Ad Hoc Committee: Long term plans for the Cichlid Classic. Rather than the Board engaging in lengthy points and counterpoints on individual debating points, we need to collectively and objectively evaluate our options in an organized manner so that the Board can make an informed decision. Looking at the Classic for 2017 and beyond. Should we keep doing it? In what format. A different date? A different kind of venue?

Chairperson for Audit and Budget Committee. This is a Board position with voting privileges and ongoing responsibilities. It requires monitoring long-term financial health and stewardship of GCCA assets. Keep track of trends and Board approvals of expenditures that are still outstanding. You do not have to be an auditor. The word "audit" in the title is a general term of verification, not an implication of a full audit by a certified independent public accounting firm. . However, for any verification of cash that might periodically be done via Board approval, the person cannot be anyone with authority to sign checks or with custody of bank and PayPal accounts. Should the Board approve budgets and limits, you would be responsible for monitoring for compliance. There is also a Constitutional requirement for an accurate inventory of GCCA assets that can be performed by this Committee / Chair The current impetus for filling the position is the current financial trend of the GCCA to ensure the long-term health of the GCCA while meeting it's Constitutional obligations as "a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the advancement and/or dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the biology of the family Cichlidae, with particular reference to their maintenance and breeding in captivity."

Ad Hoc committee chairs are non-voting. The GCCA President nominates Committee Chairs to the Board for their approval. Please see me if you are interested in helping in anyway. The President is, per GCCA By-Laws, also a member of each committee (except THE Nominating Committee for elected officers). I would expect that the general membership's input would be sought for each of the Ad Hoc committee's research amd those suggestions and observations are welcome at any time.

Phil Clary
GCCA President
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