Tetra question

3 years 11 months ago #36220 by e.aquaria inc.
hey guys, gotta a question on tetra's, they are not part of my fish background an I just started to keep some.
I have 2 decent size bleeding hearts about 2-1/4", and a small group of black skirt tetras these are about 3/4"-1".
I have 3-4 black skirts chasing or grouping with 1 bleeding heart not attacking but trying to keep up an stay right next to the bleeding, at one point it seems as if they are trying to get its attention by swimming right in front and right next to the fish I mean 1-2mm apart close.
the question what is this behavior? is it a territory dance or challenge? breeding? if anyone can help shed a some light on this much appreciated,

need a tanks drilled, or reconditioned the glass? yes I still do this

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